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When a client brings a spark of inspiration to the design process, it makes my job as a designer much more rewarding. My primary role as an interior designer is an interpreter…being able to translate my client’s tastes into successful spaces. In doing so, the rooms become like the individuals and no two turn out alike. I recently had the privilege to work on a project that was inspired by a client’s favorite Hermès scarf. It embodied everything she desired…the colors, the pattern and the luxurious feeling she wanted for the space.


The last time I was in Paris, I saw the Hermès textile and wallpaper collection for the first time…The spell that this line always casts had me completely enchanted.



I was thrilled to see the latest collection which has several fabrics that will work beautifully for the  scheme above…


Zébrures takes its inspiration from a zebra’s coat. The stripes form a wave, like palm leaves in the wind. The motif appears in the cotton weft over a silk chevron background which gives this jacquard fabric texture and contrast.





The Hs fit together like links in a chain to form undulating lines. This brocatelle jacquard, made of cotton and linen is sturdy and matt. It is available in neutral or high-contrast two-tone colour schemes.



Croquis de tigre, taken from one of painter Robert Dallet’s sketches, depicts the profile and portrait of a majestic tiger. The elegant cotton-silk jacquard perfectly complements the animal’s natural beauty. The satin weave background is available in three rich, deep hues to offer the perfect contrast for the tiger’s powerful presence. These sketches, placed across the width of the fabric, could be used for upholstery so as for cushions.






Fermoir H evokes the subtle and close-fitting clasp. In this jacquard interpretation, the outlines of the links elegantly adorn a twill background. This classic geometrical pattern in cotton and viscose reconciles durability and sophistication in a range of seven colour schemes.





Jungle Life’s repeating pattern depicts the jungle surrounding the big cats in love from the now iconic Jungle Love silk scarf designed by Robert Dallet in 2000. The design brings to life an imaginary world of luxuriant vegetation. Jungle Life is printed on a graceful heavy silk twill that is new to the collection. It perfectly symbolises Hermès’s creative approach and renders the print even more stunning in three variations, each with 21 colours.


A contemporary interpretation of the iconic Chaine d’Ancre. The striated rings evoke motor racing tracks


Pierre Marie Agin plays with ribbons which uncoil and escape from their coils. They find their way into the complex interplay of concentric circles and geometric games in the ribbon factory. Mixes of warps and wefts, and yarn crossing reveal a palette of precious colors in subtle shades of changing effects.


This original drawing from Jeff Fischer recalls coastal flora in a medallion composition. The vegetal patterns with colors patinated by the fresh air reflect pallets of grass, algae and sea water. The quality of the linen support and the regularity of the threads allow a perfect gouache effect and provide a particular smooth feel to the fabric.



The world of fantasy and travel, very important in the Hermès tradition, presented in a cotton print by Philippe Dumas


Inspired by the eponymous silk scarf created by Christine Henry in 2010, Arbre de vie is printed using the rare and exacting technique of warp printing before weaving. This exceptional 100% silk version transcends history with a radical change of scale. Emerald green dominates, plunging into a monsoon of lush, exaggerated greenery.




The iconic sailor motif revisited by Anamorphée plays out in a two-tone checked pattern developped in a contempory spirit. Reversible, this fabric with bright or marine colors is matched with Rayures Rocabar material. Water-repellent treated.


1) The famous fashion house was founded in 1837 by German-born French-raised Thierry Hermès.

2) Hermès began as a small harness workshop in Paris, which was dedicated to serving European noblemen, creating luxury harnesses and bridles for horse-drawn carriages. The Hermès logo is a royal carriage and a horse.

3) Thierry Hermès’ son, Charles-Émile Hermès, took over the management of the business and moved the shop in 1880 to 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré – where its flagship boutique still remains today.

4) Under new leadership and with fresh premises, Hermès introduced saddle manufacturing for the first time and began retail sales.

5) With the help of his sons Adolphe and Émile-Maurice, Charles-Émile grew the business’ global reach catering to Europe’s elite, with customers as far afield as North Africa, Russia, Asia and America, then in 1900 the firm introduced the Haut à Courroies handbag, which was specially designed for riders to carry their saddles with them.

6) Once Charles-Émile retired, the two sons renamed the business Hermès Frères and by 1914 had employed 80 saddle craftsmen due to huge demand, particularly from officials in Russia. The duo began using zips on their leather goods and were the first to introduce the device in France.

7) In the 1920s Émile-Maurice launched the firm’s first accessories collection and in 1922 the brand’s debut leather handbag was produced after his wife complained that she could not find a suitable one to her liking.

8) A decade later, the luxury label launched its Sac à dépêches bag (later renamed the Kelly) and in 1937 introduced its signature headscarves for the first time. The Queen is a firm favourite of the colourful silk designs.

9) In 1949, the same year as the launch of the Hermès silk tie, the first perfume, Eau d’Hermès, was produced.

10) Jean-Louis Dumas (great-great-grandson of Thierry Hermès) took over as the new head of the company in 1951.

11) After a commercial lull in the ‘70s, Dumas then concentrated on silk and leather goods, as well as revamped ready-to-wear, and the company’s fortunes began to turn after he modernised the business.

12) Dumas had nerve and put faith in new designers, hiring the unconventional Martin Margiela as creative director in 1997, and Jean-Paul Gaultier to replace him in 2003. The company was valued at £9.2billion at the time of his death in 2010.

13) Hermès kicked off the craze for naming handbag styles after celebrities. In 1956 a picture of Grace Kelly showed the silver screen icon using her Hermès Sac à dépêches bag to shield herself from a scrum of paparazzi photographers and so the style was renamed the Kelly. Each Kelly bag, like most Hermès designs, takes from 12 up to 18 hours to make.

14) But by far the most famous, and most collected design, is the Birkin, named after British sex kitten Jane. After a chance encounter on a plane with Dumas in the early ‘80s, the actress told him how her Kelly bag wasn’t big enough for everyday use, so they dreamt up a new design together and the Birkin was born.

15) A Hermès Birkin bag will set you back anything from £5,400 to a cool £100,000 in exotic skins such as saltwater crocodile, and its allure is further enhanced since the style isn’t available to buy instantly. Instead, you have to join an elite waiting list that can allegedly last years.

16) Hermès celebrated its 178th birthday this year

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I have been immersed in Sue Roe’s book In Montmartre this summer learning about the birth of modern art in intense detail. I always thought I understood the basics influences and philosophies, but the author brings the era to life with the passionate personalities and eccentric characters that shaped this defining time in art history. The ardent competition between Picasso, Matisse, Derain, Modigliani and other artists searching for innovative ways of expression, the influence of African sculpture, the patronage of the Stein family and the community they fostered are beyond fascinating.

I was delighted to see the new introductions from Bungalow 5 capture the essence of these influences with their furnishings, art and accessories. Bugalow 5 does a wonderful job explaining the influence behind each piece and they have added several pieces that will work in any interior. I have selected several of my favorites below along with other pieces that highlight the colors and complement the lines in the artwork.HEA-675-333_lgThe Hearst silk painting is a cubist composition of triangles and other geometries in prismatic blues, grays, greens, charcoals, pinks and golds. Paintings like these sought to modernize art by remixing 400 years of three-point perspective. The dense, energetic, three-dimensional results represented the world as they saw it. Each unique image is a great design solution that captures the spirit of fine art in beautiful hand painted silk.COC-400-97_lgAfrican aesthetics were a powerful influence on jazz, Cubism, Surrealism, Modernism and Lost Generation artists who wanted to move beyond western representations. Cocteau Tables are made of solid mahogany to capture the spirit of Paris between the wars. They feature graphic zig-zag legs, pretty bronze-finish solid brass stretchers, all-over hand-gouged texture and rich color.

SAF-800-108_lgThe Safira Lamp is a modified Yaolingzun or “Mallet-Shaped” vase that originated in the Ming Dynasty. Our version has a long, elegant neck with a slim, rolled collar atop the flared base. Available in light blue or white porcelain with antique gold leaf base and finial.DLS-700-804_lgThe monumentality and mystery of Cycladic sculpture like our Delos Head inspired generations of artists like Picasso, Modigliani, Brancusi and Cezanne who admired the ancient style’s sophisticated abstractions. Great as bookends or decorative objects at home or office.AVI-675-333_lgThe Avignon silk painting is one of those beautiful 1940s French experiments into the optical effects of color. Rectilinear planes of houses at dusk flatten into watery blue, gray, charcoal, rose and soft yellow. This abstracted vision of Avignon, France reflects in mirror image on the Rhone river’s flowing surface. Each hand painted image is a great design solution, which captures the spirit of top-level art in beautiful, décor-friendly materials.

KAY-800-111_lgThe elegant, medium scale Kaylin Lamp has a classic amphora shape and horizontal banding for texture. Artisanal Chinese porcelain delivers luminous color, updated styling and a modern spirit to a traditional form. The base and finial are gold leafed. Shade sold separately.BOU-350-63-TB_lgThe Bouquet Collection is a curvy, deco-inspired design that appeals those who want polished, decorated rooms. The romantic, serpentine front profile is finished with lacquered grasscloth that resembles the look and texture of a painted strié finish.FLX-700-804_lgThe Felix statue is inspired by Alberto Giacometti’s 1951 “Cat” sculpture which arose from a memory of his brother Diego’s pet moving, “just like a ray of light”. Giacometti’s most important works consist of rigidly frontal, radically simplified forms. The emaciation and anonymity were recognized as metaphors for the human condition in post-war Europe. Great at home, office or sophisticated kid’s menagerie.CTL-675-08_lgCastelli silk paintings are sophisticated, large-scale calligraphy that capture the spirit of blue chip art in beautiful, hand painted colorways. Each gestural, graffiti-inspired painting bridges antiquity, traditional notions of European beauty and post war American painting.


The Union depicts two standing figures that merge into one. This statue emerges from the visual language of Henry Moore and generations of post WWI artists who sought to make sculpture that was relevant to the times. Great as decorative object at home or office.


JNK-450-68_lgThe Janak, large 4-door cabinet is a super-glamorous, high-style design that bridges Bauhaus principles and mid-century styling to create a craft intensive version of Hollywood Regency. The design features colored, textured grasscloth sheathing and a shaped top with two central doors that emerge to break the long surface with pretty dimension and matched, diamond patterned nail heads.


The smoky, Silhouette figure might have been seen in Paris during the spring of 1911 at the first Cubism exhibition in the Salon des Indépendants. We see an alert standing figure that explodes three-point perspective into abstract planes.This unique image captures modernisms inventive spirit in beautiful, hand painted shades of griege on silk canvas. Calm. Strong. Fashionable.


The Karl Collection appeals to lovers of texture, contrast and a refined ancient-modern vibe. Skilled craftsmen carve planks of solid mahogany into legs with a tiered shingle detail that displays maximum grain. Each leg has a sawtooth profile edge that narrows toward the top from a wider base. An artisan-made antique glass mirror top complements the design’s warm, natural appeal.

MSL-675-08_lgThe Marseilles French sailors are realized in beautiful hand painted cobalt blue and crimson red on silk canvas. They interact in a flattened cubist style, which emphasizes bold color and graphic lines that maintain the effect of a third dimension. Each dynamic image is a great design solution, which captures the spirit of blue chip art in beautiful, décor-friendly materials. Vivre a la Jazz!DEM-700-804_lgThe Demi Statue of an interwoven circle captures the energy of Lost Generation modernism, which sought to make sculpture relevant to its times. Our design is similar to small studies by sculptors like Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore or Constantin Brâncusi that show the artist’s hand on every surface. Great as bookends or decorative objects at home or office.LNE-690-70_lg

Lane Mirrors in beveled antique mirror with copper cabochons are a fashionable take on Egyptian Revival styling. The exuberant mirror-on-mirror ziggurat shape has gem-like cuts with intricate faceting that suggest wings that might have surrounded the inspiration jewelry. Available in two sizes.


The Red and Black is painted in Russian avant-garde style, which comes from a time of utopian experiments in art and politics. Here we have a figure that completely breaks with the traditions of western academic painting. This new aesthetic is abstracted to its modern, dramatic essentials. High-contrast red, black and cream capture the spirit of great art. Get your manifesto on.


MAL-375-91_lgLike its namesake country, the Malta dining table is a cosmopolitan mix of Spanish, English and African influences. This rhythmic design in solid mahogany and mahogany veneers features very decorative, downward-facing crenellated and pegged stretchers. The lyre-shaped legs have interesting, inward-facing rounded corbeil feet that repeat in reverse where they meet the simplest tabletop.

QRT-675-01_lgThe Quartet silk image depicts a period in early cubism when the art of its time exploded the boundaries of easel painting. This modern image in graphic black, white, cream and pale blue celebrates the energy of African art in Paris between the wars. Interlocking, all-over figures capture the spirit of great art in beautiful, hand painting on silk canvas.BOR-450-09_lgThe Bomeo Collection is hand carved of cape-lilac mahogany. Details like architectural reveals, sender legs and geometrically textured carved fronts give it the spirit and lightness of Italian mid-century designs from Gio Ponti and others.


Like its namesake, the solid mahogany Zanzibar Side Table is a spicy mix of textured global influences. This dynamic design displays hand carved planes of positive and negative space ornamented by a pattern of vertical chisel scoops. The architectural vibe is grounded by a circular top and bottom with matching vertical chiseled edges. Totally totemic.


The Ernst Lamp is inspired by a1930s classic from the Giacometti brothers for Jean-Michel Frank. Available in matte white or black resin that is a convincing substitute for the original plaster. Shade purchased separately.

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I was over the moon to get a sneak peek of Julia Buckingham’s new collection for Global Views on The Editor at Large this week. It has been amazing to see this dynamic designer and innovative company bring this collection to life and to hear about the process. The number of craftsman and artisans alone that execute the vision is beyond extraordinary.  I cannot wait to see the collection in person. If you are going to any of the summer markets in Dallas, Atlanta or Las Vegas, don’t miss it!

To read more about this talented designer, click here to read my “Creative Minds” interview with Julia and here to read an article I wrote for Peachy Magazine about one of her favorite Chicago projects.


Replete with more than 100 pieces of furniture, lighting, rugs, tabletop and home, interior designer Julia Buckingham’s collection exudes the spirit of what she calls a “curated, creative journey” and is comprised of materials as diverse as metals, woods, ceramics, glass and textiles.


“The unexpected spirit of my new collection offers ease and inspiration to design enthusiasts everywhere, reducing the angst associated with making a ‘correct’ interior design decision,” explains Buckingham. “The collection is based on taking a curated, creative journey and creating an ongoing relationship between people and their homes.” Select lighting pieces include the Fragment Sconce, designed with Italian Murano glass that casts colorful light, and the boho-inspired brass Tea Light Chandelier; while the collection’s array of vases, bowls and vessels and objects like the Hex Ice Bucket, Decanters and Glassware convey a certain vintage charm.


“Bubbles – Pink,” a decorative glass piece from the collection

In tandem with the Global Views Summer Brand Book, a preview of the collection will be released during summer markets in Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York, while the full unveiling will take place during October’s High Point Fall Market. The retail price points range from $49 to $4,499. Learn more about Buckingham’s firm, Buckingham Interiors + Design, and Global Views.


Selected goods from Buckingham’s new collection with Global Views




Join Julia Buckingham in the showrooms this summer for a meet and greet. With her signature style, Modernique®, Julia seamlessly combines the old with the new to reveal the beauty and delight in unexpected pairings, creating warm and energetic spaces, relevant to how people live today. Learn how her style translates into her debut line Julia Buckingham for Global Views which is simultaneously contemporary and heirloom-inspired.

Julia Buckingham – Personal Appearance Schedule
Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres will be served.

DALLAS | June 27th | 1pm-4pm

ATLANTA | July 11th | 1pm-4pm

LAS VEGAS | August 3rd | 1pm-4pm

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Every market, I am always anxious to see what Bernhardt Furniture is introducing.  Their showroom is always one of the best in terms of decor, styling, and creatively showing their new lines each season.  I have especially loved their most recent collections that epitomize “Modern Glamour.”  Their artisans take traditional forms and enhance them with luxurious finishes and jewelry-like details giving them a more contemporary feel.

In all of the new introductions, especially the Criteria Collection, each item is designed to be a showpiece. Lighter finishes such as pearly white and dove gray allow the character of the wood to shine through. Exotic surfaces including mother of pearl, silver leaf, mirror polished metal, lizard and embossed reptile leather add a unique and luxurious element to the collection. Inspired by jewelry, cabinetry hardware in intricate forms such as geometric pierced pulls and knobs inset with embossed leather adds a perfect finishing touch.  “The furniture we bring into our homes can be a form of self- expression,” says Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development. “These inventive surfaces play with visual perception. We think they will help people to express themselves with a new kind of power, drama, and simplicity.”

In addition to these finishes, Bernhardt has also introduced pattern including inlays, laser-cuts, and frame motifs in casegoods and occasional furniture, along with patterned upholstery items. “Pattern creates energy in a purposeful object that can also be read as something decorative,” says Heather Eidenmiller. “As these pieces are intriguing, but not overtly trendy, we think people will find them to be powerful, fresh, and timeless.”

The entire Criteria Collection is sophisticated and sleek, showing influences of Sheraton furniture especially in the table bases and chair legs. The pieces can easily mix with various styles to create a modern and luxurious interior.  I have included some of my favorite pieces below followed by some other pieces that I define as “Modern Glamour” from Bernhardt’s other lines. All of the new introductions will be available this fall.


CRITERIA COCKTAIL TABLE . Elegant pattern. Translucent, low-sheen, Pale Ivory finish on quartered ash. Mirror-polished stainless steel inlines. The astroid inline pattern is repeated in the lower shelf shape. Solid brass nickel-plated ferrule.

NORTON SOFA AND CHAIR: Upholstered in dove grey texture with gentle padded track arm. Accents of lapis on a tossed petal shimmering pillow and damask pillow.


CRITERIA BAR: Pale Ivory finish. Constructed in ash solids and quartered ash veneers.Mirror-polished stainless steel inline.


CRITERIA DESK: Covered in Faux Lizard with jewelry inspired nickel pull and ferrules.

CRITERIA SIDE CHAIR: Heather Gray finish.


CRITERIA CONSOLE: Ash solids and quartered ash veneers. Heather Gray finish. Stainless steel metal inlay on top and drawer fronts. An elegant long and narrow profile.


CRITERIA ARM CHAIR: Lively shape feels retro and modern at the same time. Translucent, layered, pale Heather Gray finish. The astroid shape (neoclassic star-circle) backsplat, and arm, are curved for extra seating comfort. Shown in a multi-tone grey woven.

CRITERIA METAL BAR CART: Expresses a lot of creativity. Classic fretwork pattern, modern material. Nickel plated steel with a Radiant Nickel finish. Inset mirrored top and shelf. Casters.

CRITERIA SCREEN: Consisting of three upholstered folding panels with decorative nailhead trim in astroid pattern.


CRITERIA BUFFET: In ash solids and quartered ash veneers in Heather Gray finish. Stainless steel metal inlays on top and door fronts. Fancy face veneer pattern on door fronts. Drop pendant door hardware.


CRITERIA ENTERTAINMENT CONSOLE: Simple with an unexpected dazzle. Soft touch, low-sheen, pale Heather Gray finish on quartered ash. Mirror-polished stainless steel inlines and outlines. Solid brass nickel-plated pulls. Saber leg.



CHELSEA SOFA & OTTOMAN/ BERNHARDT UPHOLSTERY in winter white full grain leather. Track arm with buttonless tufting all over. Geometric velvet and flame stitched accent pillows.


DRISCOLL CHAIRS/ BERNHARDT UPHOLSTERY:  The mini wings and nailhead outline on charcoal aniline leather add to the masculine detail on a reinterpreted slipper chair.



WINSTON CREDENZA/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS: A gorgeous reeded silhouette is covered by hand in a nickel silver alloy. The interior containing drawers and shelves is painted black.


ELKA CHAIR/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS: One of the company’s best selling chairs, this sleek faux horn frame is covered in a hair on hide.

TRIMBELLE COCKTAIL TABLE/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS: A statement piece for any interior. White onyx stone top and case resting on a steel plinth base in an antique pewter finish.


BENNISON COCKTAIL OTTOMAN/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS:  Soft + hard. Cool + warm. Corrugated cast metal slab leg with a bronzy finish. Plush upholstery with softened lines, shown in a high-texture smoky grey faux-mohair.



CABOT CHAIR/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS: A cast iron faux bois frame extends down the back to the legs of this sleek slipper chair.


KENSINGTON BED/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS: The shining star of last year’s market, this bed embodies high style 70s chic. Highly polished plated brass in tightly-machined frame, posts, and canopy. Padded upholstered headboard with crisp buttonless tufting. Shown in a rich chocolate velvet.


BAYONNE BED/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS: Channeled upholstered headboard and footboard with nailhead trim between channels and around frame. Covered in a soft brown faux mohair.


EXETER COCKTAIL TABLE/ BERNHARDT INTERIORS: Square cocktail table covered in Faux Crocodile embossed leather



Heather Eidenmiller, Director of Brand Development with Alex Barnhardt, Jr., CEO & President

Bernhardt recently celebrated its 125th anniversary with a year-long celebration honoring culture, heritage and a legacy of giving. This iconic brand has always been one of the industry’s most dynamic and stable furniture institutions. I was very grateful to have Bernhardt sponsor me for this  past market and always look forward to seeing what they create next. Devoted to creativity and the artistry of furniture making, the new introductions each market are always highly anticipated. In addition to producing extraordinary collections, the company is still a family owned business with a strong commitment to people, relationships, and the welfare of the local community.

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Last month at High Point Market, I was delighted to be sponsored by Lexington Home Brands. Thier immense showroom was beyond impressive and I came across several pieces in their various collections that would be “statement” pieces for any space.  In interior design just like in fashion, a statement piece is the most interesting, attractive, and eye-catching element of a space that typically reflect the personality of the owner. The selections below show the versatility of Lexington Home Brands. There is something for every interior….from a sophisticated city dwelling to a charming beachside villa. Here is my “Top Ten” list of pieces that would steal the show in any room…


Tangerine leather is accented with mahogany trim in a dark walnut finish; solid brass hardware in a bright brass finish; and 5 drawers –the top drawer felt lined with a divided jewelry tray.



The luxurious channel back styling has a 70s vibe, yet still feels current today. The tight treatment on the back and seat cushions provide great comfort and clean, crisp styling that will be enjoyed for years to come. Brightly colored accent pillows provide rotating art on the blank canvas.



The contemporary tree branch design on the base was inspired by the Australian Boab tree. The top is solid travertine in a soft demilune shape.



Inspired by a Cartier jewelry box, the dry-brushed mandarin red finish is accented by silk-screened gold tooling, complementing the brushed brass finished legs.



Select hardwoods in a black finish outlined with gold striping. Two pairs of doors open the reveal two adjustable shelves on each side, with three center drawers. Polished brass hardware. Includes infrared SmartEye for media remote control. Also comes in red with black striping.




Functional as it is glamorous, the writing desk features sophisticated gold leaf accents and clean contemporary lines. It has three full extension drawers, including a pencil tray in the right drawer and a drop-front keyboard drawer in the center with an ergonomic palm rest.



The four drawer night chest takes inspiration for Africa’s Ivory Coast, with an intriguing shape and elegant pendant drawer pulls.


Sea mist faux shagreen divided top, drawer fronts, side and front panels with ivory finish on the frame and fretwork. One full-extension file drawer accommodates letter/legal files, 4 storage drawers and lucite and chrome bar pull hardware.




Reminiscent of a vintage Karl Springer piece, the three drawer desk sits on a brushed brass base.



The three decorative fretwork panels subtly suggests a room divider or adds height and interest without blocking light.


Lexington Home Brands is a global leader in the design, sourcing, manufacturing and lifestyle marketing of upscale home furnishings. The Company’s award-winning product line of wood, upholstery and outdoor living designs encompass the industry’s most diverse range of styling, featuring recognized consumer brands like Lexington®, Tommy Bahama Home®, Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living® and Sligh®.

With a history dating back to 1903,  the company’s expansive product line includes wood and upholstered furniture across a wide range of styles.  Residential products are distributed in the U.S. and internationally through a network of independent furniture retailers, interior designers and design firms, trade showrooms and select Internet retailers. The Company also produces home furnishings for contract, hospitality and commercial use. Headquartered in High Point, NC, the company has showrooms in High Point, New York, Denver, and Las Vegas. The Company is privately held by Sun Capital Partners, based in Boca Raton, FL.

Be sure to follow Lexington’s Inspired Design Blog and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Houzz.

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“Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.” – Frank Lloyd Wright (via Beth Webb)


A creative tsunami is the best way to describe the  La Cinega Design Quarter’s LEGENDS event. Imagine having your entire design tribe in one spot…all of your favorite designers, vendors, artists and editors combined with the perfect mix of educational, inspirational and social events in sunny Los Angeles. Often referred to as the “Coachella” or “Fashion Week” of design, LEGENDS broke records this year with over 10,000 RSVPS coming from design aficionados representing 6 countries and 24 states in the US. The 3 day affair brings together VIPS and tastemakers from the worlds of interior design, decor, art, fashion, and architecture for receptions, keynote panels, cocktail parties exhibitions, book signings, personal appearances and special events. This year I was honored to be an ambassador covering the events for social media and mixing and mingling with all of the attendees.

Design fans are constantly seeking beauty and Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop to find inspiration with its stunning scenery, gorgeous showrooms and interiors, and insanely attractive Angelenos. I arrived a day early with my “blonde” (using that term loosely!) brigade/ travelling partners in crime: Tami Ramsay of Cloth & Kind, Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Interiors and Holly Phillips of The English Room who found us our amazing, yet dangerous house in the Hollywood Hills for our west coast adventure. While it may seem that it is “all play / no work,” it is quite the opposite. The ongoing conversation is a design think tank…linked to what inspires us, how to manage our respective practices, and how to troubleshoot different aspects of our businesses. I could not be more grateful to have this trusted group of confidantes. From Paris to High Point to LA, these girls provide constant entertainment and creative energy wherever we go.


Of course, we like to hit all of the LA hot spots to absorb everything LA has to offer. The Ivy is always the first stop with its bold colorful setting, amazing food, and hopes of always seeing a celebrity. Sighting #1: Lisa Vanderpump / Fedora Sightings : 2


Our spectacular view from our house nestled up in the Hollywood Hills.


Next stop…Palihouse in West Hollywood for a Viyet LA launch party sponsored by Traditional Home and Benjamin Moore. Viyet is a luxury consignment site for designer furniture and accessories.


Elizabeth Brown, Beth Felsen, Jenny Bradley, Jennifer Koen



Last year for LEGENDS we stayed in the iconic Sunset Tower Hotel.What amazed me about the setting was how the hotel transformed from day to night. The terrace and views are spectacular during the day, but the atmosphere at night above the twinkling lights of Los Angeles and the dramatic lighting is something to behold.



“Designed in 1929 by architect Leland A. Bryant, the Sunset Tower was a trendsetter from the moment it opened. Its dramatic setting on the Sunset Strip and elegant Art Deco styling, together with its proximity to famous restaurants and nightclubs of the 1930s & ’40s, contributed to its landmark status. West Hollywood has always catered to celebrities wishing to draw attention to their star power. The Sunset Tower embodied these aspirations, counting among its former residents Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Billie Burke, Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Paulette Goddard, Zasu Pitts, and even gangster Bugsy Siegel. The Sunset Tower is a Hollywood landmark. Up to the 1950s it was as much a tourist attraction as the Hollywood sign itself. It has appeared in a number of films, including The Italian Job, Get Shorty, The Player and Strange Days. Its first literary mention was in Raymond Chandler’s Farewell, My Lovely (1940). The film version of that novel, Murder, My Sweet, released four years later, was its first screen reference.” – Sunset Tower Historian


Star Sightings: Supermodel Janice Dickinson and General Hospital’s Jack Wagner and of course Hollywood’s most famous Maître D’ Dimitri Dimitrov. Fedora Sightings: 0 (thank goodness)

Presiding over the Tower Bar six, sometimes seven nights a week, Dimitri makes everyone who walks into the bar feel like they are important. With his signature move of palms in front of his chest and a slight bow, he graciously took care of us during cocktails and dinner and even gave us a fabulous table next to his favorite spot, the curved banquette in the corner with the best view of the Hollywood Hills. Hotel owner Jeff Klein hired Dimitri 11 years ago after Tom Ford slipped him Dimitri’s name on a coaster during dinner. A special treat during LEGENDS was to hear an interview with Jeff Klein by Becky Birdwell for the Design Leadership Network hearing the history and legacy of the hotel.


To offset the late nights and nonstop cocktailing, Runyon Canyon is a necessity on our visits.


Star Sightings: 1…We think this little guy may have made a cameo in Caddyshack. Fedoras: 0


Of course we hat to hit the Chateau Marmont which has been described as “touched with scandal, commemorated in literature.” This was my virgin voyage to the Chateau and it did not disappoint. I cannot wait to see it under nightfall on my next trip.


“Hotels are the stuff of stories, of mini dramas, a world unto themselves – we leave our lives behind and become who we want to be. Arriving at Chateau Marmont you surrender yourself to a grandi-loquent environment, an infamous hideaway and the perfect getaway in the center of one of the world’s most exciting cities.Modeled after an infamous royal residence in France’s Loire Valley, Chateau Marmont is a fantastical folly in the land of make believe. While in residence you become part of a highly discriminating, international clientele desiring an experience at once luxurious and unique.

Chateau is the perfect co-conspirator; as Harry Cohn, founder of Columbia Pictures said in 1939, “If you must get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont.” You can be yourself or, better yet, be whomever you want to be; don’t be surprised if your visit brings out your inner Howard Hughes, your Greta Garbo, your Jim Morrison. As public or private as you wish – there are those in residence who are desperate to be seen and others who choose to remain anonymous.The eccentric and highly personal history of the place, its luscious rich past, its tarnished patina are all part of the charm. This great castle on the hill is the set of a film waiting for someone to call action – this is the place where things happen. Checking in is like turning up in the middle of an ongoing party at a European country estate – there is always someone you know staying here. Mindful of its history – but always in the moment – it is contemporary as tomorrow morning – there is great comfort here. Sit in a wicker chair on the veranda writing post-cards imagining you are in an exotic outpost-far far away.

And when the dusk of evening settles, put on some smoky jazz and get lost – sink into the aphrodisiac of the deep couches, take your paramour on an elevator ride – at night everyone comes to Chateau Marmont – this is the pageant and parade that evening brings, they come for the martini, for the sex appeal, to make the deal–naughty or nice, everyone is your darling. And after hours – there is the Bar Marmont – an outpost for the foreign correspondent you’ve become – all hotel guests are insiders – there is no velvet rope here. You are on liberty, sabbatical, furlough from your familiar life, you feel the heat, the sweat, the late night lust that is LA. This is the place you can most be yourself and it is the only grand hotel you can call home.”- A.M Homes


Star Sightings: 0 Fedora Sightings: 5


Next stop…a visit to Julia’s fabulous Slim Aarons-inspired window for The Rug Company. Aaron’s iconic “Poolside Gossip” at the Kaufmann House  was reinterpreted 45 years after with the original models Helen Dzo Dzo and Nelda Linsk as “Poolside Reunion” by Palm Springs based photographer Fred Moser. Wife Kelly Lee of esteemed Kelly Golightly makes a cameo in the shot


With fab designers Holly Phillips, Julia Buckingham and Young Huh

150506 STK Gala-208-X2

150506 STK Gala-217-S

150506 STK Gala-54-L

Amanda Reynal. Marisa Marcontonio and Joe Lucas

150506 STK Gala-60-L

Chad Graci, Fab photographer Sarah D’Orio, Danielle Rollins, and Bill Ingram

150506 STK Gala-89-L

Julia Carr Baylor and John Bossard

150506 STK Gala-121-X2

Lindsay Fleege and Ellen Toler of Urban Electric

150506 STK Gala-153-X2

Young Huh, Shaun Smith. Mercedes Desio, Alberto Villalobos

150506 STK Gala-187-X2

Where is Julia? With Holly Phillips and Tami Ramsay

150506 STK Gala-278-X3


Wit George Sellers, Julia Buckingham, and Bradley Clifford


WIth Charlotte talents Kathryn Dixon, Aida Saul and Holly Phillips


Design Trust Reunion with Sandra Lucas, Sarah Eilers, Mark Cutler and Julia Buckingham

Final stop….Soho House with gal pal Lizzie Wibbelsman of Holland & Sherry. A perfect end to a perfect day with all of my favorite people!

Soho House West Hollywood, Hollywood California.  Michaelis Boyd Architects.

Soho House West Hollywood, Hollywood California. Michaelis Boyd Architects.

Star/ Fedora Sightings: Boy George wearing a Fedora!


15 minutes of fame…attaching our mug shot to the photo wall!

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*Gala Photographs from JL Photography


Catherine M. Austin Interior Design/ Glenview Master Bedroom

Peacock Alley has always been a favorite resource when designing bedrooms for my clients. The quality of the products along with the versatility of design options is extraordinary. Founder Mary Ella Gabler created a collection that appeals to clients looking to dress their bedroom in the same way they dressed themselves: in natural fibers, classic silhouettes and pleasing colors. Since 1973, Peacock Alley has been an ode to the founder’s sense of personal classic style.

I was delightful to put together a few schemes that reflect various styles for any personality. Whether you are creating a master bedroom as a serene haven, a lively children’s room, or an inviting guest bedroom, Peacock Alley has choices for any style. To see the rest of their collections and blog, please click here.


The Pique Scalloped shams and bed skirt paired with Emma sheeting is tailored, classic and can be personalized with 15 thread colors.







Mix Adagio embroidered sheeting with Pique Tailored Eloise Shams and bed skirt for a vibrant, customized look. Add another pop of color with Rio boudoir pillows.






Vienna embroidered duvet and shams mixed with Lyric sheeting and a crisp Rio bed skirt creates a serene, sophisticated and timeless look for the neutralist.






Peacock Alley’s matelassé coverlets are a versatile foundation for creating any bedroom scheme. My clients adore them for their durability, wash ability, and that they can be incorporated with other fabrics to create a bespoke room. I often use a coverlet and shams as the starting point for the bed and then use a mix of patterned fabric for the Euro Shams, accent pillows, bed skirt and upholstered headboard. No bed is complete without the PERFECT Peacock Alley All Seasons Blanket. It is the perfect weight and I have never designed a bed without one!








Catherine M. Austin Interior Design/ Glenview Master Bedroom

Catherine M. Austin Interior Design/ Glenview Bedroom

Catherine M. Austin Interior Design/ Glenview Bedroom

080 (2)

089 (2)


Cathy Austin, ASID is best known for her curated and colorful style that blends her love of art with a playful approach to design. She specializes in high end residential design working with clients to design their interiors around their collections. In addition to her training at Sotheby’s, Cathy has worked with some of the country’s most talented designers including Dan Carithers, Jackye Lanham, Cindy Smith and Jane Schwab of Circa Interiors and Antiques. With more than 20 years of experience in decorative arts and design, Cathy is a well-respected voice in the design community, serving as the Interiors Editor for Peachy Magazine and author of the popular design blog Bespoke Banter.

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When designer Cindy Smith embarked on her dream of creating a furniture line, she called upon her creative coalition of design colleagues. She had been yearning for more unusual pieces for her design clients which she could not find in the marketplace. Always known to turn a negative into a positive, Cindy let her frustration fuel her creation of the Catbird Collection, a bespoke line of furnishings created by eight of the country’s top designers and architects.

The personalities behind Circa’s newly launched Catbird Collection have many common traits…each is individually recognized as the best and brightest in their respective fields of architecture, interior and kitchen design. Thier humility is beyond impressive considering their incredible talent and amazing accomplishments. Despite their various areas of expertise, Cindy refers to them as “members of the same tribe. We may not have the same taste, but we have the same passion for and love of beauty in the home.”

I had the pleasure to view the collection firsthand today with many of the designers.  Each piece is distinctive in that it can inspire the design vision for an entire interior. The designers were given parameters on what to create for the collection. The group met several months ago with sketches in hand and the collaboration began. They helped each other to refine the designs, perfect the proportions, and select the finishing touches from fringe and nailheads to removable down filled palettes. Cindy chose fabrics that would work well with neutrals including silks, mohairs, velvets, and linens in a dramatic palette of charcoal, deep tan, mustard, grey and gold.


Cindy describes Circa’s ‘Catbird’ collection as”an embodiment of the passion that fuels the creative spirit. It is a collection of inviting seating thoughtfully conceived by a coterie of singularly talented architects and designers. Artful designs that express the distinct sensibilities of their creators. Created with the notion that a single, beautiful piece of furniture, can inspire a room, and the spirit. Whose form draws our attention, beckons us to repose, to pause and sit, for conversation, for reflection, for simply slowing down and spending time with our own thoughts. Unseen but essential is what lies beneath the surface: quality and comfort crafted by furniture artisans of the American tradition. Circa invites you to discover and delight in our debut collection and hope that you will be inspired to find yourself in the catbird seat.”


CINDY SMITH / Circa Interiors/ The Whitlow

“I affectionately call this sofa ‘my nest with feathers.’ A slim, tight outline filled with loose fitting, unstructured luxury – it always looks a little bit well loved and is perfectly imperfect. Developing the Catbird Collection presented a welcome challenge and privilege that I have been fortunate to undertake in the company of immensely talented and prized colleagues. As a lover of antiques, I treasure the one-of-a-kind piece and hope to translate this individuality into a range of upholstery. My aim was to create a collection of pieces that has a life of its own, holds your attention, gives spirit to a space, and perhaps even inspires a room’s design.”

Cindy Smith founded Circa Interiors & Antiques in 1979. What began as a small bungalow full of treasures collected throughout Europe has grown into a premier,multi-city retail destination and go-to design source for home furnishings and interior design expertise. She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.


PAUL BATES / Bates Corkern Studio / The Sullivan

“Although it’s a clean-lined piece, I designed this sofa to act as a bridge between modern and traditional styles through its combination of long, low lines with luxurious tufting details, bronze buttons, and silver silk velvet. Bates Corkern Studio is defined by the union of classic tradition and modern simplicity. We strive for honest and authentic results in all of our work. Whether it be a finely crafted home, or an elegant chair to rest, our work is grounded by tradition and celebrates life with a modern point of view. We are honored to join, alongside similar thinkers, in the conception and celebration of Circa’s Catbird Collection.”

Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern founded their practice in the year 2000. Today, Bates Corkern Studio is a small atelier of five focusing on custom residential architecture, furniture design, and interiors. They live and work in Birmingham, Alabama.


EMILY BOURGEOIS / Bourgeoisie, Inc. / The Kathryn

“With the strong, elegant posture of a thoroughbred, the Kathryn is free to indulge in all things feminine. She adds romance to a dining room, but is equally comfortable in the kitchen to commune with family and friends. I opened Bourgeoisie, Inc. in part to better understand my insatiable desire for beauty. This passion is more universal than I could possibly have realized. It brings wonderful clients year after year. While each expresses it differently, there is a common thread. We all find absolute joy in honest materials used in an unpretentious way. Tethered to the ancient tool of pleasing mathematics, our goal is to design spaces that in subtle ways allow the grace of beautiful materials, shapes and shadows to inspire our clients’ everyday lives. For me, Circa’s Catbird Collection is the pinnacle of delight on this journey. It provides a creative forum for designers to be inspired by peers who see the world in the same sparkling light. I am excited to be part of Cindy Smith’s clear vision and by her unfaltering ability to bring like people together to build beautiful things.”

Emily Bourgeois has long been one of the Queen City’s leading designers. Since opening her firm’s doors in 2002, Bourgeoisie, Inc.’s kitchens and interiors have developed a fervent following throughout the Southeast. She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.


JEREMY CORKERN / Bates Corkern Studio / The Rebecca

“I designed this sofa to be a modern antique, a pared-down version of a nineteenth-century Sheraton sofa. Equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting, the piece has classic lines but doesn’t feel like your grandmother’s sofa.”


SUSAN FERRIER / McAlpine Booth Ferrier Interiors / The Piper

“The Piper Swivel chair is named after my constant companion, a rescue dog that was waiting for me. Always intent to please, this generous chair in motion was inspired by a walk along London’s Pimlico Road. I believe in creating atmosphere – soft, a little bit foggy, kind. Design is not just visual – it should be sensual. Looking deeply inward and outward, emotionally evocative, my interiors reflect collected experiences in compelling relationship to each other. Honored by the invitation, I travel forward in collaboration with Circa’s Catbird collection.”

Susan Ferrier is partnered with Ray Booth and Bobby McAlpine of McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors. Together they have created beautiful homes. She is a nationally and internationally recognized designer practicing in Atlanta, Georgia.


BOBBY McALPINE / McAlpine Tankersley Architecture / The Cornelia

“This sofa is named for my grandmother, Fannie Cornelius – a strong, silent type, so well-grounded that she could dispel all manner of chaos. Like her, this sofa is the rock of any interior, beautiful and inclusive of all creatures present.  My genuine curiosity to provide what isn’t there led me to Catbird. From a platform of need, I seek, as I have done for decades, to fill the market with what I could not find: a source for mature, quiet furnishings who accept their presence alongside antiquity.”

Architect, romantic, poet, and entrepreneur, Bobby McAlpine, designed his first house at the age of five and hasn’t stopped since. His distinguished and widely published firms attract clients from across North America and beyond.


KEN PURSLEY / Pursley Dixon Architecture / The Grace

“The Grace chair was conceived to represent what its name implies, a graceful expression of seating. The elegant lines and gracious proportions allow from comfortable lounging that will blend seamlessly with the interior landscape. Pursley Dixon Architecture is founded of the simple principle that beauty matters. In our travels, our relationships, our work, and in our homes we believe beautiful space has the power to elevate one’s spirit. This thought is at the heart of everything we do. We are excited to be a part of Circa’s ‘Catbird’ collection and join with other like minded designers to create a line of furniture that will continue to perpetuate our passion for all things beautiful.”

Ken is the founding principal of Pursley Dixon Architecture. The twelve-member firm, specializing in bespoke residential architecture and furniture design, was established in 2005. He lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.


JANE SCHWAB / Circa Interiors / The Nelson

“I have longed to discover this piece. Many came close, but this tallish sofa suits many different room types and sizes. Attractive from varied angles, it boasts a practical tight back and a comfortable seat depth. My designs are characterized by a love of art, timeless beauty and quality – ever mindful of the complexities and functional demands of modern family life. I carefully edit objects and furniture to work together in symphony and apply a keen attention to detail resulting in interiors that are not only appropriately balanced but also invitingly intimate.”

Since 1988, Jane Schwab of Circa Interiors & Antiques has created interesting, subtle spaces colored with gracious lines and beautiful fabrics for a myriad of clients across the country. She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina


Emily Bourgeois and Ken Pursley lounging on a Pursley-designed Chaise


The Elephare Chair by Emily Bourgeois


Barstools by Emily Bourgeois


Bobby McAlpine, Cindy Smith, Emily Bourgeois and Ken Pursley


Divine sculptural chair by Bobby McAlpine


The Wansley by Cindy Smith


Bobby McAlpine and Cindy Smith


Impeccably appointed Bloody Mary Bar at the Preview



Be sure to check out the Circa design blog for upcoming events in Charlotte and Birmingham.

To read my interviews with Cindy Smith and Jane Schwab, click here and here.

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 “In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle


Creative fireworks occur when two brilliant talents come together with complementary skill sets. George Sellers and Bradley Clifford partnered in 2014 to create Areté Collection, a line of furnishings, lighting and accessories inspired by nature and interpreted in a unique modern fashion.  I visited their Dallas studio last month to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the masters at work.


Areté is a Greek word meaning virtue or moral excellence, but it is also something more than cannot be captured in words. It transcends the mundane and possesses a sense of the Divine. Each piece in the Areté Collection embodies this ideal.  The intricate detail and whimsy of each motif is interpreted in either plaster or bronze and elevated to the sublime.




George Sellers is the quintessential Renaissance man…sculptor, artist, illustrator, and pianist. He is a classically trained sculptor who studied at Studio Arts Centers International in Florence after college.  His work is influenced by 15th century Italian architecture and the work of Italian sculptor Donatello, who mastered capturing emotion in a sculpted form. In a recent Paper City article, Sellers elaborates on his work, “My eye is drawn to Renaissance decoration and Rococo, and I do love clean and modern, too. I exist between those; it’s all in the middle. I also love silly carving, like acanthus leaves, and am always drawn to figurative embellishment, the crazier the better.”  He is celebrated for “infusing high profile spaces (Van Cleef & Arpels, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York) with imagination, wit and a touch of the fantastical.”



With more than 20 years of experience as a retailer, designer, shop owner, tastemaker, and marketing guru, Bradley Clifford is a perfect complement to George’s artistic talent. They met via Instagram when Bradley had taken an image of an architectural fragment he wanted to be reinterpreted into a lamp base. When he threw the request out into cyberspace, George answered and the two creative minds began to discuss their career paths. A few months later, the Areté Collection was born, already receiving much fanfare from Architectural Digest, Paper City, and Luxe Magazine (just to name a few.)



The compass rose is a key motif in the collection. All items are carved in clay, cast in sustainable resin before being cast in plaster or bronze. Plaster works are then finished in either gilt, silver, black or left in their original white.


Mystical creatures such as elephants, beetles, tortoises, and serpents are reimagined as bookends, mirror motifs, lamps bases and wall sculptures.









This sculptural console adorned Beth Webb’s striking dining room for Atlanta Home & Lifestyle’s Holiday House in December. The gilded interior with white exterior was the perfect marriage of form and function.

arete_collections6102Faux bois is the artistic imitation of wood or wood grain used in anything from furnishing to fabric and wall coverings. Originally created during the Renaissance with trompe l’oeil, it was first executed with concrete and metal and used for garden ornament. Areté Collection’s interpretation of faux bois is clean, sleek and contemporary made in plaster. Lamps, side tables and consoles are first constructed in hand forged iron and then wrapped in plaster to achieve the faux bois look.


Ely and George Sellers/ Image courtesy of Paper City

In Paper City, nephew and chief fabricator Ely Sellers explains his uncle’s creativity, “His ideas fly out of his head so fast, you have to be ready to catch them. I never went to college and was working at a restaurant. He said, ‘Hey, you can live with me and work with me.’ I jumped on it. It’s a slow climb, and I’m still growing. But I’ve always believed in him.” The two collaborate on all projects, including an upcoming furniture collection for Neiman Marcus; a zoo-full of plaster animals, available at Grange Hall in Dallas; and a 4-foot-tall spider for Bergdorf’s Christmas window, the fourth that they’ve done. “It will be covered in one-eighth-inch-long quartz crystals,” says Ely, “so it looks hairy.”


The Areté Collection can be purchased through Flair, David Sutherland, Grange Hall and Mecox Gardens. Stay tuned for many more exciting collaborations to be announced in the upcoming weeks!

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I always love bring back in my hometown but there is so much to see and so little time!  A sprint through the Atlanta Home and Gift Show last week yielded these fabulous finds. Here are my highlights from the show…


The large scaled stunning agate lamps by Laura Renfrow would make a statement in any interior.



Available in 24 different colors and 14 different patterns, the designs from R. Lusk are painstakingly gilded and antiqued, mounted on linen wrapped boxes and framed in acrylic. The variety of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns makes them easily adaptable for any space.



Every piece by Ashley Childers is a work of art…her agate burst sconce in brass is glamorous, modern and sculptural.  More to come on the new introductions in an upcoming post!



The new introductions by Mitchell Black featured all of my favorite things…zebras, pagodas, and shells. Mitchell Black is a nod to the past with a focus on the present. The antique etchings can be re-sized and  printed in 17 designer colors and mounted in a modern acrylic format.

Jan.20,2015 002




The dynamic sisterly duo at Taylor Burke Home outdo themselves every market! Their new bar cart was a collaboration with Emily McCarthy. The pierced brass was customized with Emily’s logo creating a unique piece with a vintage vibe. Be sure to check back for more on Taylor Burke!



Gal pals Kat Mulford and Lee Lesley had everyone swooning with their latest eye candy. The Bendall Cuff in pink opal gemstones was a show-shopper! Their new Graham bangles are perfect to mix with Hermes enamel and Cartier love bracelets.



At High Point, artist Tommy Mitchell crafted these delicate sconces after brussel sprouts. Now he has added an abundance of other gorgeous vegetables to his collection. The subtlety of color and texture in his tole creations is breathtaking! All of his sculptures can also be customized in a variety of finishes and background colors.




The brand was born out of the desire to create fun decorative works of art that appeal to the canine lover. The Swiss design force creates paintings as well as sculptures of their favorite four legged friends.




Another favorite for the dog lovers was this new introduction by Chelsea Textiles. Known for their exquisite embroidery, their latest creation features a menagerie of pups, capturing the personality of each perfectly….from a poodle to a dalmatian to a dachshund.





The colorful collection of napkins,placemats and napkin rings at Julian Mejia Design had something for everyone…from the traditionalist to the modernist.





The hand embroidered creations from Cat Studio capture the essence of favorite destinations from Napa Valley to the Hamptons.

Jan.20,2015 003



A fusion of nature’s beauty and casual elegance, MooMoo’s collection brings the exoticism of African wild to the urban lifestyle. DEveloped by Columbian- born Juan Hernandez, the line was created out of a lifelong passion for the uniqueness and beauty of the African, Asian, and Latin American continents, including their cultures, colors, materials and peoples.




The luxurious hair on hide rugs from Madisons are made from cow hides and no two are alike.  Each artisan rug is handcrafted and the work created sustains the livelihood for many villages in India that produce them.



Instantly recognizable, the work of legendary Waylande Gregory is refined and highly stylized. One of the early creators of the American Bauhaus movement, he worked alongside the great minds of the 20th century at Cranbrook Academy including Frank Lloyd Wright, Florence Knoll, Ray and Charles Eames and the Saarinens. The black, white and gold decorative items introduced at Codarus looks just as fresh today and when they were first created.



Just because every bird deserves a pagoda shaped cage…bells and all!




I can never resist a great design panel and I was thrilled to hear so many great talents at market. Industry expert Marisa Marcantonio of Stylebeat presented a lively panel discussion on creating and building a successful brand image by harnessing the power of the new digital age in design. Other Panelists included Elizabeth Blitzer of Blitzer & Company, Lindsay Coral Harper of LCH Interiors, and Mac Hoak of Mecox Gardens. Humor and camaraderie between the panelists made this a definite highlight of market!




Please contact the studio if you are interested in any of these items or our design services. Let us make your design dreams a reality in 2015!

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