My sophomore year in college, I took “History of Photography” that began my love of art history. My alma after, Washington and Lee , was located in Lexington, Va which was the home of the iconic photographer Sally Mann and legendary abstract expressionist Cy Twombly. Despite the fact I was studying these great talents in class, I did not fully comprehend their brilliance as artists until decades later. Cy Twombly received his doctorate of letters with my graduating class which to this day still completely bows my mind! To be perfectly honest, I never quite understood the medium of photography as an art form until I took this class. Through the lens of an eccentric professor, I came to love photogrpahy and comprehend the nuances and difficulty involved with the medium. Capturing a moment in time artistically is truly a gift.


Model and girl-on-the-go Poppy Delevingne puts down roots in a chic, light-filled house in a leafy London neighborhood

Poppy, wearing a dress by Huishan Zhang, in the sitting room. A custom sofa by Joanna Plant is upholstered in a garnet velvet by designers guild. Lightning mirrors by Bride and Wolfe; Hans Koegl Palm-tree Lamps.

I love it when Architectural Digest publishes interiors articles online before the actual magazine hits the stands.  It is the perfect teaser to anticipate what lies ahead in the upcoming issue. The November issue will feature the light filled London home of “It-Girl” Poppy Delavigne and her debonair husband James Cox. The home beautifully reflects the couple’s personalities with its eclectic mix of objects ranging from neon art and lighting shaped mirrors to banana leaf wallpaper and peacock chairs…also with a dash of pink mohair and beloved DeGournay wallpaper thrown in the mix. 


“Willis’s fresh eye came along to rejoice in its contrast of grand sobriety, rainbow palette and subtle variations on ancient Islamic themes. His disciples are legion, and echoes of his lively vision can still be found everywhere in his adopted country.” -Christopher Gibbs

Villa Oasis, Home of Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Bergé

I became enchanted with the work of interior designer Bill Willis after a magical trip to Marrakech last September. Click here to read about our amazing Moroccan adventure. I was blown away by the interiors we saw and even more shocked to discover these places halfway around the world had been designed by a fellow Southerner. Referred to as the “Magician from Memphis,” the unknown decorator was responsible for saving Moroccan craftsmanship from extinction in the 1960s. His legendary talent attracted clients that included the Gettys, Rothschilds, Agnellis, and Yves St. Laurent and Pierre Bergé. His jet set hedonistic lifestyle was not for the faint of heart.  Marian McEvoy wrote in her foreword to the book Bill Willis, “A man who liked to party until dawn, Bill was happy to settle down in a place where dinner started after nine o’clock and breakfast meetings and pre-dawn gym workouts did not exist.”


Perhaps it is the English major in me, but I have always been drawn to works of art that incorporate words. The use of language in art to evoke certain emotions can be incredibly powerful and subjective to the viewer. Since everyone has different feeling or connotations of words, using text forces the viewer to reflect. From the medieval illuminated manuscripts to the contemporary works of Mel Bochner and Barbara Kruger, text and art have been intertwined for centuries proving the power of language in art.

I was delighted to see the new works at The New Gallery of Modern Art of Aurora Robson that combine both abstract art with wordplay to express her viewpoint on the state of humanity and the environment today.


“Being cool is a BORE. Being fun is GLAMORE!” – Giovanna Battaglia

How could you not love someone who lives by this motto and whose favorite colors are Rainbow, Sparkle and Shine, Animalia, Flower, Travel and Print? This is precisely why fashionista, stylist, globetrotter, and icon Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert has such an incredilbly loyal and growing following.  Her joie de vivre and fearless fashion choices exemplify her refreshing attitude of not taking herself too seriously and savoring every moment. Giovanna took NYC by storm this week revealing her incredible windows at Bergdorf Goodman along with her book debut and pop up shop. These may be the best Bergdorf windows yet! Her book Gio_Graphy chronicles her fun in the wild world of fashion. The pop-up shop includes her collaborations brilliantly curated mix of new and established Italian designers with some of her own creations.


“To attract good fortune, spend a new coin on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend, and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon. “- Chinese Proverb

I had the very good fortune to live out this proverb this week! I was delighted to get a sneak peek of the Chinese Lantern Festival installation at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden . After an afternoon of total downpours, the rain finally subsided giving us a stunning sunset and glorious evening  to view these amazing works of art in the garden. While I was expecting some over-scaled lanterns (which I love) scattered throughout the beautiful garden, I was awestruck by the amazing creations that greeted us. Made of silk, paper and glass, each handmade work came to life as the sky turned from dusk to nightfall. Special thanks to our gracious hosts for such a special evening!


“Christina’s apartment feels like one of her fabulous outfits. It’s unique and stylish in a way that’s all her own.”-Thom Filicia

There are certain individuals that you can tell by their fashion choices that you will absolutely adore how they decorate their home. PR maven Christina Juarez is one of those fashionistas that I always look forward to see what she is wearing at design industry events. Her aesthetic is always impossibly chic perfectly adorned with accessorizes that seem like she has acquired on her travels around the world. I could not wait to see her home featured in this month’s Elle Decor. I love her fearless use of color and pattern along with her incredible art choices and total originality. 


The design world was all aflutter yesterday as AD published the first images of Tory Burch’s stunning 1929 Georgian Southampton home. For the past nine years, the home set on seven acres has been thoughtfully decorated under the brilliant eye of interior designer Daniel Romualdez. Together, Tory and Daniel have a quite a history….designing over 200 stores for her iconic brand while working on this 15,000 square foot project. 

Their philosophy of designing over time with layers added resonated deeply with me as this is how I encourage my own clients to approach the design process. The combination of amazing art and beautifully proportioned spaces brimming with pattern and color perfectly reflects Tory’s aesthetic which is the ultimate goal for any home. Burch offers up the ultimate compliment for Romualdez,  “Daniel takes people’s taste and makes it better.”

Enjoy the gorgeous images, charming article by David Netto, and the hilarious video documenting a day in the life of Tory.  It captures the creative mind at work….stream of consciousness thinking and finding inspiration at every turn from Tupac and Tomatoes to LadyBugs and LaffyTaffy!



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  • The universe is sending me signs I need to a creative pilgrimage to India! From artwork to beaded trim-India is calling my name! How gorgeous is this amazing new introduction from #MichelleWorkman @interioricon for @pyarandco ?!? Cannot wait to use this in upcoming projects and maybe even my wardrobe #details #passementerie #trimming #interiordesign #decoration #sourcing
  • Surf’s up! Smitten with the latest work of @windyoconnorart incorporating so many favorite things...#surfboards ,vivid color,  collage, and intricate paper cut work all meticulously arranged in an acrylic shadow box. Don’t miss it @marketsquarehp @highpointmarket ! 🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️#abstractart #interiordesign #decoration #colorsplash #surfing #surfart


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