Through our attention to detail, practical business sense, and personal approach, we assist our clients in developing a comprehensive bespoke plan for design projects from inception to installation. This includes space and furniture planning, renovation, section of finishes, furnishings and accessories, art advisory and interior styling. 

Over the past 20 years, we have gathered a trusted community of vendors and artisans. This collected expertise  allows us to manage projects of any size from design updates to complete renovations. We simplify the design process to make it as organized and enjoyable as possible.

Design Services Discovery


  • Initial consultation in person
  • Determine the scope of the project, goals, and objectives
  • Review budget and timeline expectations
  • Discuss the client questionnaire
Design Services Programming


  • Establish a creative direction
  • Measure and photograph spaces
  • Create floor plans, furniture plans and elevations
  • Take inventory of existing furnishings
  • Gather information about the client’s lifestyle, aesthetics, and design preferences
Design Services Concept


  • Develop interior design schemes
  • Select surface materials including tile, counters, and floors
  • Specify plumbing, appliances, furniture, lighting and carpet selections
  • Present a final design plan that includes fabrics, wallpapers, paint selections, art, accessories, window treatment styles, and project renderings
Design Services Finalization


  • Gather client feedback and refine design concept as needed
  • Concept approval
  • Assemble team of artisans, contractors, and installers needed for the project 
Design Services Management


  • Compile pricing for client proposals
  • Upon approval of proposals, place orders for the scope of work
  • Schedule installers and coordinate craftsmen
  • Track orders to ensure timely delivery of goods
  • Problem solve any issues that arise 
Design Services Installation


  • Coordinate warehouse receiving and inspection of goods
  • Oversee delivery and installation of final project 
  • Interior Styling
  • Celebrate the finished project with a client walk through