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“There are a lot of people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” -Oscar Wilde

I happened upon an interview this weekend on National Public Radio with Nathaniel Khan, the director of the acclaimed documentary, “The Price of Everything” that appears November 12th on HBO. Garnering accolades from every film festival imagined, the documentary breaks down the boundaries in the art world between artists, collectors, auction houses, galleries, art critics, and more. As a self professed art addict and Sotheby’s alumnae, I cannot wait to see this look behind the curtain. When I introduce works of art to clients, I always address what makes it special and why it is valuable. I am excited to hear their answers to the same questions on a much grander scale. 


“Style is thumbing its nose and the dogma of seriousness. A cunning maximalism is making life happier. Disrespectful mash-ups, quirky subversions, provocative collages and chaotic combinations are mixing up the codes of neoclassical culture and digital pop culture. Chic and striking, the new iconoclastic bling style is going all in for boldness.  On the entertainment menu: humor, derison and quirkiness.” – L’Observetoire de Maison et Objet

One of my favorite art installations at Maison et Objet was a booth entitled “Funt@sy.” It was such a refreshing reminder to not take ourselves too seriously and have more FUN with adorning our interiors. The tongue and cheek display took items from hundreds of vendors at the fair and did a clever mash-up of what to expect in art, design and fashion going forward…

Iconic and Ironic Pillows
Upholstered Decorative Surfboard
French Funt@sy Commode
Balloon Bean Bags and Lanterns
Koons Inspired Lamp atop “Up” Cocktail Table
Lucite Foosball Table (only 20K Euro!)
Graphic Game Table
Colorful Critters
Koons-inspired perches

Curiosities and taxidermy were prevalent everywhere…from the fairs to the design boutiques to the flea markets.  For the real thing, Deyrolle is still THE place to go.  For the preservationists and animal overs out there, these items may be more appropriate below…

If you are interested in any additional information on any of the objects seen here, please do not hesitate to contact us at the design studio.