I always look forward to seeing what Jim Thompson reveals in each new fabric collection.  Like Cole and Son, they execute their spark of inspiration beautifully in everything from their presentation and window display to their marketing in how to use their brilliant textiles in a variety of interiors. 

For their DecoOff 2017 reveal, Jim Thompson surprised spectators with Chinese Lions doing a brilliant dance celebrating the new line “Leo Dejenero.” Stunning window displays created by branding visionary Douglas Little included a menagerie of fantastic beasts all set in a silk velvet jungle. Click on the image to see the lions come to life!


“Whenever need inspiration for a new collection, we always go back to our roots, asking questions like, ‘What would Jim Thompson do?’,” said Ou Baholyodhin, creative director of the brand’s home-furnishings department. “He loved Thai art and culture as well as our festivals. The launch of this collection happens to fall in January, and we thought of the Chinese New Year and the lion dance.”


A charming and lush print that brings to life the ‘Lion of January’, inspired by the universally iconic dancing lion at Chinese New Year parades. The design celebrates festivity and nature, bringing a fresh take on classic chinoiserie motifs. Leo de Janeiro’s detailed artwork is printed onto a lightweight, satin linen ground; it’s classic, softening finish adds to the print’s smooth and ethereal drape.


This vibrant and exotic embroidered design, takes inspiration from the colourful, ornamental Heliconia flowers that still bloom at Jim Thompson’s former home. Embroidered using both a computerized and hand-guided process onto 100% unbleached linen, with a soft, lightweight woven construction, the beauty of the tropical floral design contrasts charmingly with the neutral background. 


This intricate, oriental decoration mirrors the regal, floral motifs that adorn traditional Asian ceramics, such as those currently showcased at the Jim Thompson House. Here, ornamental luxury has been transformed into an opulent, 100% silk jacquard; available in vivid and subtle nuances that depict the true depth of colour and sheen of Jim Thompson silk.


This simple, artistic trellis motif, woven with a silk and cotton blend, personifies bamboo’s rich and intriguing history. Versatile in nature, this reversible fabric is perfect for drapery. The sophisticated design is jacquard woven, to pick up the elegant lines of the bamboo. 


This bold, and eye-catching cut-velvet celebrates luxury. The material’s contrasting cotton ground and lustrous pile enhances the heavenly soft and silky feel. This glossy fabric is available in classic neutrals as well as statement colourways. 


A mythical scene unfolds on this unique print, featuring an array of animals in a celebration of Asian culture, printed onto fine linen. Menagerie, literally meaning ‘a collection of animals kept for public display’, is a performance, showing a fantastical forest scene where all the animal kingdom can graze together. This inspires the mystical element often found in Chinese folklore



Pomare’s abstract design is inspired by the oceanic art of the Pomare Dynasty of Tahiti, sharing its partiality for distorted forms. The distinctive appliquéd embroidery detail is achieved using a computerized machine embroidery process on a sumptuous linen ground, creating a soft, lightweight, woven construction. Pomare is a unique celebration of world culture

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