11,500,000 square feet of exhibition space, 2000 vendors representing over 100 countries, and 180 buildings…See what caught my eye at the 2016 Fall High Point Market…


High Point Market is a marathon and a sprint all at the same time…There is so much to see and so much ground to cover. It helps to be surrounded by a lovely group of creative minds that were part of the team for the 3rd Annual High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour organized by High Point Market, Esteem Media, and the Design Bloggers Conference. The program brings ten leading design bloggers to High Point Market for a 2-day tour of sponsoring showrooms. We had a ball getting to know one another, sharing favorite design sources, and experiencing market from everyone’s different perspectives.  


Our tour began in the gorgeous Bernhardt showroom which is always beautifully styled. Their latest neo-Traditional collection offered an updated take on classic forms. Heather Eidenmiller, director of brand development, elaborates,”Concepts began with taking a fresh look at the mastery of Thomas Sheraton, then setting those classical lines free in fabrication. We think anyone who appreciates traditional elegance and modern freshness will enjoy living with these pieces.”

14731178_10154085401617099_1295407182507214260_n Domaine Blanc Metal Canopy Bed, in dove white oak and tarnished nickel.

14753892_10154090748132099_2598292292586390166_oConway Chair in cast aluminum, Odell Door Chest in silver leaf and white lacquer, Larkin Hexagon End Table in steel and white plaster emulsion.

Edgy casual chic defines the vignette above with sophisticated finishes such as plaster, silver leaf and white lacquer. 


Our next stop took us to the IMC Interhall, which showcases high end luxury lines showing at High Point Market. Our first stop was the Dutch vendor Eichholtz that has an incredible international presence. 95% of their collection is in stock and ready to ship as soon as possible. Our second stop was the stunning Sho Modern which was featured here


Coffee Table Concordia (set of 4)


Chandelier Antares Available in Gold and Silver


Our final stop in Interhall was the mid-century modern take by Duralee.  Duralee is best known for their fabrics, but their recent foray into furniture design has received huge accolades. An exclusive collection with John Robshaw debuted last market. With a Palm Springs vibe. modern lines and punchy colors, the new upholstery collection was s huge hit. The sectional sofa below had everyone believing it was a vintage piece from the 1960s.



Crypton Fabrics are God’s gift to the design industry. The owners have invented, patented and branded the most environmentally-friendly, reliable and high-performance textile solutions in the world.  It is truly remarkable to see the demonstration of spilling red wine on a cream sofa and watch the drops bead off of the surface. Resistant to stains and odors, they are perfect for families, pet owners, and they never wear out. Just about every showroom we visited on our tour had showcased their pieces dressed in Crypton Fabrics. 


14729370_10154393399595189_874538310620701034_n 14725663_10154379879825189_3590043995931085083_n



Always one of my favorite stops in High Point, Lee Industries and Crypton hosted us for a “slumber party” complete with sleep masks, slippers, and our own candy bar. Since 1969, Lee has been bringing consumers comfortable, stylish, design conscious upholstery. With all pieces made in the USA, Lee has been a leader in the design industry by providing outstanding products, impeccable customer service and cutting edge technology.

Camel Hair on Hide Barrel Back Sipper chairs


Candy Bar


Emerald Velvet Corner Chairs


Zebra Epingle Fireside Chairs


Modern Leather and Chrome Sling Chairs


For over 40 years, the Castelle name has stood for handcrafted luxury furnishings, made in the Americas. Each product is handcrafted one piece at a time by the most highly skilled craftsmen in the industry. From design inspirations to the skilled hands of sculptors and craftsmen, culminating in the highly trained custom finishing department, all contribute to the artistry and luxury that is CASTELLE®14731211_1230616886981465_8431883839938023003_nThe Vertice Collection is built on modern lines paired with a monochromatic palette and organic inspired details. 

The Solaris Collection is slender yet solid. The angular lines add interest while remaining sophisticated and simple.


A visit to Ameriwood showed us the world behind ready-to-assemble furniture. The furniture is manufactured and packaged as component parts and is assembled by the consumer. RTA furniture, by its nature, is a reasonably priced alternative to traditional wooden furniture and as such is sold mainly to mass merchants, office superstores and hardware/ home centers. Trends typically follow what is seen in the world of fashion and home and then make their way into the mass market.

img_5655 img_5659



Our next stop was a visit to the Salon at the Market Square which also showcases the higher end vendors showing in High Point. I was delighted to meet Katy Skelton and see her fresh take on classic forms. All pieces are made in the USA with social responsibility in mind. Her Camp Bench, Wythe Cabinet and lighting seen below are examples of her refined aesthetic. 



I was thrilled to see one of my favorite design pals, Michelle Workman, collaborate with a favorite line, Pyar and Co. for a new trim collection.  Right down to its very name, Pyar & Co. is a love story. Pyar means love in Hindi, and it was love that brought Paula Queen, the company’s founder, to India. Pyar & Co. was founded in 2011, after Queen visited India for the first time to celebrate her marriage to her new husband, Sumit, a native of India. Inspired by the luxurious fabric and intricate beading of her own wedding sari, and by the vivid colors, embellishments and intricate patterns of the saris she saw all around her in India, Queen knew she had to find a way to translate everything she loved about these pieces and bring it back to the American market. It was this inspiration that catapulted Queen from her life in business management into a life designing and producing luxury home accessories. 

Created from the most luxurious fabrics found in India, every handcrafted piece in the Pyar & Co. collection tells its own story. Handmade in India by local artisans using the finest textiles and embellishments, everything used in the collection, from hand-dyed threads and unique beads to sequins and metal studs, is found in local markets and is ethically sourced and fairly traded.


Named “The Queen’s Conquest,” Michelle’s  collection captures the visual, social, and historical drama created by two of history’s greatest women, Queen Isabella of Spain and England’s Elizabeth I. Specifically, Workman combined ideas from two seemingly unrelated aspects of the era, the seafaring trade and the somewhat less than public parts of these regal women’s wardrobes.


Michelle’s designs feature a pristine balance of light and dark, and feminine and masculine elements. The extraordinary artistry and craftsmanship of Pyar & Co. bring her ideas to life in intricate hand detailing and beading, paired with a melody of fanciful fabrics, including linen, jute, silk, and satin. Produced in widths larger than traditional trim, each four-to-six inch wide piece goes beyond an ornamental edge to create an entirely unique and fresh application.



Joanie Design furniture fits perfectly into many design styles. It is a collection of modern furniture with carefully sourced colors and designer fabrics, high quality fabrics from all over the world. The Phoenix based designer describes her collection, “My love of combining colors and neutrals has been the foundation for beautifully designed interiors that have a little punch of something extra. I love to design complete living spaces; complete, happy spaces where people want to live and be! Rooms that take your breath away, rooms that make you feel good when you walk in.” Her use of bold colors, large-scale, and a peppy palette made us all want to linger longer in her happy space. 


Our second day of the tour began with the iconic brand Century Furniture, one of the world’s largest privately owned manufacturers of upper-end residential furniture. Its broad line of wood and upholstered furniture consists of bedroom, dining and occasional collections in traditional, transitional and contemporary styling.  Century has an extensive casegoods facility with state-of-the-art woodworking capabilities and a sophisticated finishing operation, as well as three upholstery factories – all located in Hickory, North Carolina. With more than 60 years of stable growth, an experienced and aggressive management team and considerable investment in new technology, Century is meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Now in its 3rd generation of ownership by the Shuford family, the company continues to be recognized in the industry as a design leader, ranked in the forefront for its expertise in finishing and the many details of fine craftsmanship.


Blush Pink Tufted Leather Sofa 


Antiqued Mirrored Bed


Aubergine Shibori Suede Chairs and Ottoman

Century always pushes the envelope and elevates their furniture forms into extraordinary pieces. The blush pink tufted leather sofa had us all swooning.  At over 100 inches long, it could anchor any space. The mirrored bed with a Halston vibe took our breaths away. None of us had ever seen suede dyed in a shibori pattern until we came to Century.  It was a perfect start to the day.


Our next stop was Universal where they were launching their new Modern Collection. Universal Furniture specializes in classic pieces that cater to any design preference and stay current throughout the years. Creating pieces that are meant to be lived in, Universal Furniture designs make the perfect centerpieces for family gatherings and other priceless moments. Recognized as a leader in exceptionally crafted home furnishings, Universal Furniture creates every piece with the consumer in mind, maintaining quality without sacrificing style.


Modern Dining Room Vignette


Chrome and White Leather Bed


Over the last three decades, Huntington House has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and gorgeous custom upholstered furniture. Constructed by North Carolina’s most skilled craftsmen, their designs boast diverse fabrics, plush cushions and sturdy frames to fit any space or size, all created with your comfort in mind. 


Sectional Sofa Upholstered in Crypton White Fabricimg_5783

Modern Wing Chair Upholstered in Huntington House Ikat


Another favorite stop is the beautiful Theodore Alexander showroom. Shaped by English heritage and an uncompromising commitment to quality, Theodore Alexander furniture, uses the most interesting materials for both function and beauty. The signature of Theodore Alexander piece is an exceptional eye for design and detail.


New Introductions from Theodore Alexander


Selections from the Jamie Drake Collection

Launched in 2014, Jamie Drake’s collection for Theodore Alexander is refined, posh and contemporary. As a designer of some of the country’s most captivating spaces, Drake believes the best decor expresses personality and place.Known for his exuberant color sense, his eye for the unique and telling detail, Drake creates inviting, delightful, and livable environments.


Earl Charles Spencer explaining the History of the Althorp Collection

Althorp has been home to the Spencer family for nearly 500 years and contains a fascinating variety of pictures, furniture and ceramics, as well as boasting some fine interiors. Like many great country houses, it has benefited from the discriminating and varied collecting of generations of occupants, their marriages and chance provisions. But the Spencers have also had the knack of going to the right people, its collection of portraits is particularly fine, and justly famous. As a record of a family, and as a record of English portraiture, it is outstanding. Althorp Living History, a collection with Earl Charles Spencer, brother of the late Diana, The Princess of Wales.


Our fearless leader Adam joking with Earl Spencer


From the moment I enter the vibrant painted doors at Wesley Hall, I know I will be in for a feast for the eyes in terms of color, styling and details. For a quarter of a century, Wesley Hall has been a driving force in the domestic luxury upholstery market. Made in the United States, the company is known for their customer service, impeccable quality and tailoring, fashion forward style and color, and lasting comfort. 14692019_1194379837303789_3560363372851695862_o

Every vignette reveals a well thought out color palette down to the accessories and art selection. The pastel setting above was a favorite at market. The sofa is covered in Crypton fabric and the lamps are by Dunes and Duchess. 


A more vibrant room setting revisiting the classic look of 70s chic shows 2 of my favorite chair styles…the “Gerald”  chair in an orange print (Cloudy Persimmon) and a chinosierie-inspired slipper “Charming” chair in a multi colored print (Geraldine Aqua).


The clean lined Chesterfield “McGee” sofa upholstered in emerald, or “Ingram Ivy”, chosen as their “IT” color of the season. 


Our final stop on the tour took us to the vibrant Ambella Home showroom. Ambella Home Collection was founded by George Moussa. The son of an importer, George had his father as a business and importing mentor from an early age, and over the years, has created his own passion for the business.Each Ambella Home Collection piece is uniquely designed for the line and manufactured overseas. The production is meticulously managed so that a beautiful piece is the final result every time


The hot pink sectional with tufted seats was just as comfortable as it was stylish. 


The unique shape and finishes on this chest would make it a perfect accent piece for an entry hall, hallway or even bedside table.


A classic form reinterpreted in acrylic is a perfect of old and new in this cocktail table with fluted edges. 


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