Every designer in the Southeast would be lost if it were not for the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. In addition to providing the design community with extraordinary showrooms and resources, the center also had an incredible lineup of programming that covers just about any topic a designer could imagine. Whether you need inspiration from one of industry icons, or need advice on how to run your design practice, there is always an event to address your needs. 

In the ever changing world of design, ADAC’s Digital Day has become one of their most popular events. It is annual event that teaches designers how to define their brands, maximize their presence, and achieve greater creative success in a digital economy. Learn how technology is permanently changing the entire design industry, discover how widely-respected designers are harnessing the power of technology to grow their brands and execute luxury design projects around the world, and finally gain invaluable advice every creative person needs to cultivate a successful and sustainable business model that will carry them into the future.

I am delighted to be participating in Digtial Day next week with Elizebth Brown, CEO of Viyet, and two of my favorite designers…Beth Webb and Tami Ramsay of Cloth and Kind.  We will be sharing our tips and tricks of the trade on how we use technology to broaden our practices and work more efficiently. Space is limited so be sure to click HERE to register if you would like to attend. 

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