“I speak the truth. It ain’t always pretty but it sure is funny.” – Brooke Rasnake Lowry


Could it be possible to find the perfect mix of Amy Schumer, Ellen Degeneres and Wanda Sikes all wrapped up in one hilarious gal? I think not and I am thrilled to introduce you to my hilarious friend Brooke Rasnake Lowry and her new blog True Grit. I first encountered Brooke over 30 years ago as a pre-teen in Atlanta.  She had just arrived at our school and all the guys in my class were asking who the HNG (Hot New Girl) was in the class above us. She was pretty damn funny and cool then and is even better now.

Her modern musings on finding the humor in aging, parenting, dieting are not to be missed and I suggest subscribing to her blog to get your daily dose of belly aching laughter by clicking HERE. Also do not miss her article on the Whole 30 at StyleBlueprint where she discusses her journey from eating like a truckdriver to slaying her sugar dragon.



Who is Brooke? Sadly, this was a real question some loser date I had right out of college asked me…right after he scratched his back with his fork. The answer, it turns out, was a mouth full of pinot grigio spit out, with some going up the nose while saying “Wait, you aren’t kidding?”

It wasn’t until I was 41, getting a divorce, with a toddler, that I started really thinking about who I am.  To be honest, my Chapter Two has turned out to be quite fabulous. In addition to being the oldest mom in preschool, I am married to an awesome guy who thinks I rock and I have 2 children that tend to like me at least a few days of week . I also have a real job that calls for me to be the consummate professional  about 85% of the time. Oh, and recently, out of the blue, I became a writer. While doing the Whole 30 I needed a way to keep myself honest and express my extreme unhappiness of my lack of alcohol, carbs, sugar and dairy.  So I started writing a diary on Facebook and it made me feel good.  It turned out that people liked it, too.  What I like is telling the dysfunctional, albeit funny tales, of my life and family, as well as my general unfiltered observations on just about everything. Beware, I do not mince words.  Like my tagline says, I tell the truth- it ain’t always pretty but it sure is  funny…..eventually.


What I love most are lists. I like making them and I love crossing things off them, especially “To Buy” lists. I have a serious problem with Coffee Table Books, Pajamas, Pillows and Coffee Cups- these are the things that literally I cannot control myself around. They make me happy.

I am not a trendsetter, I just have really strong opinions on what I like, what I dislike and what I think is funny.

Because I really couldn’t dress myself, decorate my house, keep my job or really do anything if not for my friends- my best friends (aka my Board of Directors) are made up of incredibly creative, tasteful and smart people. They are also likely the only people reading this.

Anyhoo, I am going to start updating this section with more stuff I love and if you don’t love it too we can’t be friends.

Anything written/said by Kelly Corrigan- she is honest and awesome.

Vince Vaughn. He is funny and hot. And this scene is my favorite. Tooo many good quotes in these 3 minutes to even begin to list.

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