To all of the gardeners out there that made our souls blossom this year, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

And now to count a few of my many blessings and things for which I am eternally grateful…

  1. My two adorable turkeys…Evelyn & William
  2. My amazing hubby Ned who loves to cook
  3. Our Isabelle-still wagging her tail at 15 1/2 or 109 in dog years
  4. My rose colored glasses inherited from my loving supportive parents
  5. Ice cold Diet Coke in a can
  6. My happy places…Sayulita, St. Barths and Sullivans Island
  7. Old School Funk
  8. Spiritual faith
  9. Learning to surf in my 40s
  10. The memory of my incredibly chic and forward thinking grandmother
  11. My tennis team
  12. The color pink
  13. My design colleagues that inspire me daily
  14. Having both sides of the brain that work
  15. Matt Bomer
  16. My curious imagination
  17. Kistler Chardonnay
  18. My dance posse
  19. Pagodas
  20. Clients that enable me to have a job I adore
  21. All of the artisans and craftsman that turn my ideas into reality
  22. Prince Harry
  23. The Charlotte airport to help my incurable wanderlust
  24. Take out
  25. Any magazine still in print
  26. Karma
  27. Words of encouragement
  28. Keratin treatments, highlights and that my hair has not fallen out yet!
  29. Charlotte Ballet
  30. The values learned at Washington & Lee- my alma mater
  31. Colorful abstract art
  32. Ugg boots
  33. Not being afraid to make a fool out of myself!
  34. Hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  35. The Instagram feeds of Eric Buterbaugh, Ashley Longshore and Jessica Seinfeld for daily giggles (warning…not for children)
  36. Valrhona chocolate
  37. Lela Rose dresses
  38. My running shoes to help get the bats out of my head
  39. My hilarious girlfriends and partners in crime (you know who you are!)
  40. Anyone who reads my musings on Bespoke Banter!


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