“I dedicated myself to my collection.  I made it my life’s work. I am not an art collector.  I am a museum.”-Peggy Guggenheim

Channeling our inner Peggy with Billy Ceglia and Amanda Reynal

Ever since I read Confessions of an Art Addict on my honeymoon nearly 20 years ago, I have been fascinated with the American heiress Peggy Guggenheim. Peggy was a former wife of artist Max Ernst and the  niece of the mining magnate, Solomon R. Guggenheim. She collected artworks mostly between 1938 and 1946, buying works in Europe as World War II began, and later in America, where she discovered the talent of Jackson Pollock, among others.  In addition to being one of modern art’s biggest patrons, she was also quite the character surrounding herself with the greatest minds and talents of the 20th century.

Her art collection is housed in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, an 18th-century palace, which was her home for three decades. The collection attracts over 400,000 visitors per year, making it the most-visited site in Venice after the Doge’s Palace. On our first night in Venice, the Rubelli family treated us to a private reception, tour, and dinner…Truly an art addict’s dream come true!

Crossing the Grand Canal with Michele Trout, Carmina Roth and Meg Joannides

We were pinching oursleves as we arrived by boat to a beautiful reception on the terrace overlooking the Grand Canal with Phillip Rylands, museum director and close confidante of Peggy Guggenehim, who entertained us with stories of one of Venice’s most beloved characters. 

Marino Marini / The Angel of the City

Vasily Kandinsky /White Cross

Robert Delaunay/ Windows Open Simultaneouly 1st part, 3rd Motif

Gino Severini/ Sea+Dancer

Pablo Picasso/ On the Beach

Jean Metzinger / Au Velodrome

Giacomo Balla/ Abstract Speed and Sound

Jean Arp/ Head and Shell

Vasily Kandinsky/ Upward

Frantisek Kupka / Around a Point

Jean Helion / Composition

Theo Van Doesburg/ Counter Composition XIII

Constatin Brancusi / Bird in Space

Sam Francis/ Untitled

Marc Chagall / Rain

Paul Klee / Magic Garden

Jean Helion/ Equilibrium

Joan Miro / Dutch Interior 2

Renee Magritte / Empire of Light

Francis Bacon /Study for a Chimpanzee

Graham Sutherland / Organic Form

Jackson Pollack/ Croaking Movement

Jackson Pollack / Eyes in the Heat

Jackson Pollack/ The Moon Woman

Ibram Lassaw/ Corax

William de Kooning /Untitled

Arshile Gorky / Untitled

Alexander Calder / Silver Bed Head

William Baziotes

Jackson Pollack / Enchanted Forest


Frank Stella / Gray Scramble

Sam Francis / Untitled

Joan Mitchell / Composition

Mark Rothko/ Untitled (Red)

Alexander Calder / Red Disc-White Dots

Ellsworth Kelly/ Blue Red and Green Red

Cy Twombly /Untitled

Cy Twombly / Untitled

Kenneth Noland/ Birth

Andy Warhol / Flowers


Maurizio Nannuci

Maurio Merz / Albero Giocometti

Stay tuned for more about the Mistress of Modernism in my upcoming post!

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