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When designer Cindy Smith embarked on her dream of creating a furniture line, she called upon her creative coalition of design colleagues. She had been yearning for more unusual pieces for her design clients which she could not find in the marketplace. Always known to turn a negative into a positive, Cindy let her frustration fuel her creation of the Catbird Collection, a bespoke line of furnishings created by eight of the country’s top designers and architects.

The personalities behind Circa’s newly launched Catbird Collection have many common traits…each is individually recognized as the best and brightest in their respective fields of architecture, interior and kitchen design. Thier humility is beyond impressive considering their incredible talent and amazing accomplishments. Despite their various areas of expertise, Cindy refers to them as “members of the same tribe. We may not have the same taste, but we have the same passion for and love of beauty in the home.”

I had the pleasure to view the collection firsthand today with many of the designers.  Each piece is distinctive in that it can inspire the design vision for an entire interior. The designers were given parameters on what to create for the collection. The group met several months ago with sketches in hand and the collaboration began. They helped each other to refine the designs, perfect the proportions, and select the finishing touches from fringe and nailheads to removable down filled palettes. Cindy chose fabrics that would work well with neutrals including silks, mohairs, velvets, and linens in a dramatic palette of charcoal, deep tan, mustard, grey and gold.


Cindy describes Circa’s ‘Catbird’ collection as”an embodiment of the passion that fuels the creative spirit. It is a collection of inviting seating thoughtfully conceived by a coterie of singularly talented architects and designers. Artful designs that express the distinct sensibilities of their creators. Created with the notion that a single, beautiful piece of furniture, can inspire a room, and the spirit. Whose form draws our attention, beckons us to repose, to pause and sit, for conversation, for reflection, for simply slowing down and spending time with our own thoughts. Unseen but essential is what lies beneath the surface: quality and comfort crafted by furniture artisans of the American tradition. Circa invites you to discover and delight in our debut collection and hope that you will be inspired to find yourself in the catbird seat.”


CINDY SMITH / Circa Interiors/ The Whitlow

“I affectionately call this sofa ‘my nest with feathers.’ A slim, tight outline filled with loose fitting, unstructured luxury – it always looks a little bit well loved and is perfectly imperfect. Developing the Catbird Collection presented a welcome challenge and privilege that I have been fortunate to undertake in the company of immensely talented and prized colleagues. As a lover of antiques, I treasure the one-of-a-kind piece and hope to translate this individuality into a range of upholstery. My aim was to create a collection of pieces that has a life of its own, holds your attention, gives spirit to a space, and perhaps even inspires a room’s design.”

Cindy Smith founded Circa Interiors & Antiques in 1979. What began as a small bungalow full of treasures collected throughout Europe has grown into a premier,multi-city retail destination and go-to design source for home furnishings and interior design expertise. She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.


PAUL BATES / Bates Corkern Studio / The Sullivan

“Although it’s a clean-lined piece, I designed this sofa to act as a bridge between modern and traditional styles through its combination of long, low lines with luxurious tufting details, bronze buttons, and silver silk velvet. Bates Corkern Studio is defined by the union of classic tradition and modern simplicity. We strive for honest and authentic results in all of our work. Whether it be a finely crafted home, or an elegant chair to rest, our work is grounded by tradition and celebrates life with a modern point of view. We are honored to join, alongside similar thinkers, in the conception and celebration of Circa’s Catbird Collection.”

Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkern founded their practice in the year 2000. Today, Bates Corkern Studio is a small atelier of five focusing on custom residential architecture, furniture design, and interiors. They live and work in Birmingham, Alabama.


EMILY BOURGEOIS / Bourgeoisie, Inc. / The Kathryn

“With the strong, elegant posture of a thoroughbred, the Kathryn is free to indulge in all things feminine. She adds romance to a dining room, but is equally comfortable in the kitchen to commune with family and friends. I opened Bourgeoisie, Inc. in part to better understand my insatiable desire for beauty. This passion is more universal than I could possibly have realized. It brings wonderful clients year after year. While each expresses it differently, there is a common thread. We all find absolute joy in honest materials used in an unpretentious way. Tethered to the ancient tool of pleasing mathematics, our goal is to design spaces that in subtle ways allow the grace of beautiful materials, shapes and shadows to inspire our clients’ everyday lives. For me, Circa’s Catbird Collection is the pinnacle of delight on this journey. It provides a creative forum for designers to be inspired by peers who see the world in the same sparkling light. I am excited to be part of Cindy Smith’s clear vision and by her unfaltering ability to bring like people together to build beautiful things.”

Emily Bourgeois has long been one of the Queen City’s leading designers. Since opening her firm’s doors in 2002, Bourgeoisie, Inc.’s kitchens and interiors have developed a fervent following throughout the Southeast. She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.


JEREMY CORKERN / Bates Corkern Studio / The Rebecca

“I designed this sofa to be a modern antique, a pared-down version of a nineteenth-century Sheraton sofa. Equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting, the piece has classic lines but doesn’t feel like your grandmother’s sofa.”


SUSAN FERRIER / McAlpine Booth Ferrier Interiors / The Piper

“The Piper Swivel chair is named after my constant companion, a rescue dog that was waiting for me. Always intent to please, this generous chair in motion was inspired by a walk along London’s Pimlico Road. I believe in creating atmosphere – soft, a little bit foggy, kind. Design is not just visual – it should be sensual. Looking deeply inward and outward, emotionally evocative, my interiors reflect collected experiences in compelling relationship to each other. Honored by the invitation, I travel forward in collaboration with Circa’s Catbird collection.”

Susan Ferrier is partnered with Ray Booth and Bobby McAlpine of McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors. Together they have created beautiful homes. She is a nationally and internationally recognized designer practicing in Atlanta, Georgia.


BOBBY McALPINE / McAlpine Tankersley Architecture / The Cornelia

“This sofa is named for my grandmother, Fannie Cornelius – a strong, silent type, so well-grounded that she could dispel all manner of chaos. Like her, this sofa is the rock of any interior, beautiful and inclusive of all creatures present.  My genuine curiosity to provide what isn’t there led me to Catbird. From a platform of need, I seek, as I have done for decades, to fill the market with what I could not find: a source for mature, quiet furnishings who accept their presence alongside antiquity.”

Architect, romantic, poet, and entrepreneur, Bobby McAlpine, designed his first house at the age of five and hasn’t stopped since. His distinguished and widely published firms attract clients from across North America and beyond.


KEN PURSLEY / Pursley Dixon Architecture / The Grace

“The Grace chair was conceived to represent what its name implies, a graceful expression of seating. The elegant lines and gracious proportions allow from comfortable lounging that will blend seamlessly with the interior landscape. Pursley Dixon Architecture is founded of the simple principle that beauty matters. In our travels, our relationships, our work, and in our homes we believe beautiful space has the power to elevate one’s spirit. This thought is at the heart of everything we do. We are excited to be a part of Circa’s ‘Catbird’ collection and join with other like minded designers to create a line of furniture that will continue to perpetuate our passion for all things beautiful.”

Ken is the founding principal of Pursley Dixon Architecture. The twelve-member firm, specializing in bespoke residential architecture and furniture design, was established in 2005. He lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina.


JANE SCHWAB / Circa Interiors / The Nelson

“I have longed to discover this piece. Many came close, but this tallish sofa suits many different room types and sizes. Attractive from varied angles, it boasts a practical tight back and a comfortable seat depth. My designs are characterized by a love of art, timeless beauty and quality – ever mindful of the complexities and functional demands of modern family life. I carefully edit objects and furniture to work together in symphony and apply a keen attention to detail resulting in interiors that are not only appropriately balanced but also invitingly intimate.”

Since 1988, Jane Schwab of Circa Interiors & Antiques has created interesting, subtle spaces colored with gracious lines and beautiful fabrics for a myriad of clients across the country. She lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina


Emily Bourgeois and Ken Pursley lounging on a Pursley-designed Chaise


The Elephare Chair by Emily Bourgeois


Barstools by Emily Bourgeois


Bobby McAlpine, Cindy Smith, Emily Bourgeois and Ken Pursley


Divine sculptural chair by Bobby McAlpine


The Wansley by Cindy Smith


Bobby McAlpine and Cindy Smith


Impeccably appointed Bloody Mary Bar at the Preview



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