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I was delighted to see the work of Paola Pivi in the Palm Beach penthouse of Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch featured in my last post. The interior is spectacular, yet I love that the designers and the owners does not take it too seriously.  How could one not smile having a overscaled pink feathered polar bear hanging about in the corner?  Art is so subjective for both the creator and the viewer.  Some want to be challenged with provocative work; some prefer to escape into a fantasy world; and others just want to be inspired by a feeling, color or subject matter. Paola Pivi perfectly captures the expressive nature of these majestic creatures that make them so lovable.



paola pivi

A review of Pivi’s 2013 show at Gallerie Perrotin by Blouin ArtInfo…

It’s a rave menagerie of neon polar bears partying at Galerie Perrotin in New York. Italian Artist,Paola Pivi, inaugurates the gallery’s new Upper East Side location—its third contemporary art space after Paris and Hong Kong — with eight of her audacious polar bear sculptures. Apart from the soiree of life-size dancing bears, the show also comes with a playful and intellectually-stimulating title, “Ok, You Are Better Than Me, So What?”

From a distance, these adorable fluorescent bears in hues of magenta, electric blue, and lime green look life-like. However, before PETA starts throwing a fit about animal cruelty, Pivi clarifies that they are not real. Instead, they are made with urethane foam, plastic, and encrusted with chicken feathers. To achieve the uncanny bear resemblance, Pivi collaborated closely with a Canadian taxidermist to sculpt them into their quirky postures.

“I want to achieve the best,” said Pivi. “When his [the taxidermist’s] hands are better than mine, I want to ask him if I can use his hands.”

If you think Pivi’s polar bear sculptures are out of this world, wait until you head to the gallery’s basement where her performing sculpture, “Money Machine (True Blue, Baby I Love You)” spits unsuspecting viewers with occasional dollar bills , quarters or pennies. Yes, we’re talking about REAL U.S dollars that lucky visitors can either take home or be kind Samaritans and leave them on the gallery floor for others.

Between the underground money machine and zany titles for each disco bear, Pivi continues her tradition of letting viewers assemble their own meaning of the pieces they encounter in the installation.

“Deep in the core there is something similar in all of us, said Pivi. “When we make art, we can communicate on that level.”


“We Never Danced Before?”



“It’s Not Fair!”


“Please Don’t Change My Name…”






Click here to see the charming interview with the artist elaborating on her inspirational behind these delightful creatures.

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Being an interior designer is like having multiple personality disorder…one day I am obsessed with Nancy Lancaster’s yellow drawing room and the next I dreaming about my sleek and contemporary imaginary beach house filled with blue chip art, pedigreed furnishings, a dash of humor and my own built in disco. When I opened the pages of the March Elle Decor, it looked like my dream had become reality in the Palm Beach penthouse of Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch. Designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts, the high style 5,900 sqaure foot pied a terre is colorful, glamorous, and edgy…much like the Tischs themselves.


A large scale pink feather polar bear holds by Paola Pivi holds court over the barrel vaulted living room featuring a who’s who of important artists and designers. A pair of Andy Warhols hang above an Edward Wormley sofa upholstered in hot pink tiger Scalamandre velvet. Two tone armchairs by Pierre Guariche and curved sofas by Milo Baughman mix beautifully with Louis XVI stools and a custom made silk shag ombre rug by Beauvais carpets. The sculptural lines of each piece add the the stunning composition of the space.


The Tisches with a photograph by Thomas Ruff.


Five Italian pendants fill the vertical space in the spacious dining room above a custom resin table. A bold painting by Christian Marclay punctuates the room with color.


The designers prefer pale finishes and neutrals to offset the intense color used in each space. The result is like a blank canvas in each room with vivid brushstrokes such as the mustard colored barrel back chairs by Harvey Probber in the media room.


Custom designed bookcases and carpet in the sitting room complement a pair of 1953 chairs by Pierre Guariche and a 1970 desk by Maurice Calka.


The palette of the master suite is inspired by the view.  A custom lucite headbaord and Karl Springer bedside tables rest on another gorgeous custom rug from Beauvais. The owner remarks, “It’s so peaceful and serene, high above the water.  You feel like you’re on a boat.”

Being able to translate a client’s tastes into a successful interior can be a bit daunting at times, but Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts created a masterpiece turning even the obstacles into opportunities. A bright pink rug was requested for the living room. The designers confess they were “a little horrified” , but suggested “a sort of fading out of color” instead. The 900 square foot silk shag rug is raspberry hued at the edges and fades to white at the center… a brilliant solution and sleight of hand for this design duo.

To read the complete article, please click here. More to come on the whimsical world of Paola Pivi this weekend…

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