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Bendall Box, Clutch and Cuff in Moonstone

I have a serious weakness for any kind of stone….chalcedony, moonstone, malachite, rose quartz, turquoise, laboradite, and the list goes on…The new market introductions from my friends at Addison Weeks had me swooning!  I thought I already had one of every style in their collection, but now it is time to add a few more…

Bud Vases

I love seeing my creative friends take an already successful idea and then find new ways to showcase their talent.  Kat Mulford and Lee Lesley have certainly done that with their expansion into decorative tabletop wares.  In addition to introducing new items into their jewelry line, they have also created  bud vases, napkins rings, and boxes to showcase yet another way to show off their brilliant stones. I am so proud of these hardworking girls and cannot what to see what they dream up next!

Napkin Rings

These works truly are “jewelry” for your table.  They could transform any ordinary vanity, dining table, or cocktail table into an extraordinary tablescape.

Ring Boxes
Allison Cuffs in Laboradite
Jenkins Clutch in Multi
Bendall Cluch in Green Turquoise
Cutchins Necklace
Cuthcins Bracelet in Moonstone
Finley Pendant in Laboradite
Beam Bracelets
Kat Weeks Mulford and Lee Addison Lesley

Lee Addison Lesley and Katherine Weeks Mulford are two Southern designers whose love of gemstones and shiny baubles prompted them to launch ADDISON WEEKS in 2012. With ten years in the jewelry business under their belt (turq jewelry), the duo saw a need for versatile, high quality fashion jewelry. The pair is a perfect match, complimenting and melding each others personal style. The evolving collection is both classic and modern with an emphasis on color. The semi-precious gemstones are set in double dipped 24kt gold.

Lee Addison Lesley grew up in Richmond, Virginia. As a child she would have jewelry stands, selling pieces made from her mother’s vintage jewelry. Lee went on to study Art History at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia and followed that with a degree in Graphic Design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta. 

Katherine Weeks Mulford grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kat was always interested in creating, whether it was producing backyard plays or styling her little brother. She received an undergraduate degree in Art History from Davidson College, followed by a Graphic Design degree from Portfolio Center in Atlanta. 

Lee and Kat met one fateful day while working for Sapient Corporation in Atlanta. After two years of designing websites together for large clients like American Cancer Society, Mirant, and UPS, Lee and Kat joined forces and started Turq Jewelry. The jewelry line had a successful ten years, worn by celebrities such as Oprah, Meredith Viera and Alyssa Milano, it was carried in over 100 boutiques. In 2012 they launched ADDISON WEEKS and are happy to be designing and working together again. Lee resides in Virginia Beach, Va with her husband and three children. Kat resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband and three children.

Be sure to check out their website and be prepared to see more of their fabulous jewelry, belts, boxes and more!