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Bumping into Jonathan Adler at Marche Biron

It is a rare and wonderful thing to find a kindred spirit like Holly Phillips who has almost identical taste in art, design, shopping and even wine! Our design adventures have taken us to New York, High Point, Nashville, Atlanta, Paris, and on the horizon are trips to Charleston for The Southern C Summit and Los Angeles for La Cinega Design week.

In addition to her design talent, Holly’s work ethic is beyond inspirational. Who else would post a blog at 3 o’clock in the morning after being at Hotel Costes dancing on the banquette? Click here to read that entertaining and hilarious post!

Late night at Hotel Costes

I recently had the pleasure to write an article on a fabulous project of Holly’s for Peachy Magazine. Here are some more questions I had for this social media maven and designer extraordinaire along with some favorite images of her work…

When did you know you wanted to pursue design as a career and how did you get started?

I grew up in design.  Mario Buatta decorated my house when I was a child. He encouraged my mother to pursue design after she already has a successful antique business, The English Room.  I went to college as a fine arts major wanting to be an artist. I changed to an art history major thinking my future was in Fine Art through working in a Museum or Auction House.  After a few summer internships at Museums and Sotheby’s I realized that interior design would allow me the creativity and freedom I craved.  I need a creative outlet.  My design work and my blog are the perfect platform for my zillions of budding ideas.


What is your creative process?

My creative process often changes with the scope of the work but I often like to start with the wow factor in the room and move backwards.  I like to pick out the POP fabric, art or rug, then create the space based on that.  Sometimes that item ends up being a small piece of the overall puzzle but a critical one.


What is your latest creative breakthrough?

Lately, I have been giving clients fewer choices and it seems to make for more success.  I try to be well edited before they are given selections.  Three great choices are better than 10 good ones.  I always tell my clients I would never show them something I would not want them to use.


What has been the most pivotal moment in your career?

Starting my blog has certainly opened many doors and amazing opportunities such as Blogtour Milan and London this year with Modenus.


Tell us about your current work.

I am wonderfully busy with a new construction large project for a vacation Mountain home for repeat clients, a few large-scale renovations in Charlotte and loads of additions spaces.  I tend to juggle lots of projects at once with lots of help of the staff in my office.  We need to bring on more people.  That is for the fall.


Can you give us a glimpse of what to expect from The English Room in the future?

Bigger and Better.  I want to focus on getting more projects photographed and published. I dream of having my own fabric and wallpaper line.  I have dozens of patterns sketched in my head. My studio space is retail that also needs to be beefed up with more staff.


What do you want to be remembered for?

 Making my mark in the design world through an original and fresh eye. Creating happy homes for my clients. I love design and I hope it shows.


Do you have any advice for budding designers?

The landscape of this business has changed drastically in the past 15 years with the internet.  You need a true design education, a strong work ethic and a backbone. Your fee structure needs to be defined and concrete.  This is a business with a goal of monetary gain, not a hobby as it can often be perceived.


Whose work do you admire?

David Hicks for innovation.
Miles Redd for bold use of color and layering abilities.
Mario Buatta for sentimental reasons and his classic English Country look.
Amanda Nisbet for her killer color.
Kelly Wearstler for her ability to push the envelope.


Who would be your dream client and why?

I have loved the total freedom that one client has given me with a budget and an address. It was such a thrill to be turned loose with my creativity and the total trust of a client.


What is your dream vacation?

Around the world shopping the markets from Morocco to India with a lovely family safari stop at Singita. I really have to say our favorite vacation ever is A Bar A Ranch in Wyoming.


What is your secret vice?

Not sure I keep my vices secret but, Internet shopping and travel are certainly two…oh and cheese. My husband said Botox and Etsy.


What is your idea of bliss?

 Bliss is time with my family and dogs at our mountain cottage on the porch with coffee or good chardonnay (depending on the time of day) reading my favorite blogs.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Beyoncé’s Run the World (Girls)


What do you collect?

What don’t I collect? I have a huge collection of 18th and 19 Century sporting art particularly dog paintings that I started when my mother would take me on buying trips for her antique shop when I was a child. Elephants, my grandmother collected them too. Bangles galore, anything with skulls…

What is your favorite color?

 “Beige is Boring”  Orange, of course.  I also love Purple….my daughter is named Violet.