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I was delighted to see Mitchell Black Home featured in the February’s “Most Wanted” column of W Magazine. Mitchell Pennell is the creative force behind the company.  Designers are always on the hunt for wall decor and it has become increasingly difficult to find items that are affordable, well made, and unique in concept. When we saw his work at High Point last fall, it was certainly a site for sore eyes. He takes historical etchings, re-scales and re-colors the images, and then frames them in acrylic for a new twist on an old form.
Mitchell has an extensive library of etchings that range from the 16th to the 19th century. He can do the images in 15 different sizes and 17 different colors. The formats can also be offset to take on a more contemporary feel. In his booth, he showed a variety of ways that the works could be displayed.
Here is Mitchell standing in front of “Chevalier” printed in a brilliant peacock blue.
His horse etching cast in various shades is perfect for the equestrian
Over-scaled seahorses in orange swim above a sofa in this beach house
Various beetles and bugs in multi-colored hues would be perfect
in a boy’s room which is always hard to accessorize


This gallery wall from his booth shows one image repeated in shades of grey
Detail of Frog
Detail of Ram
Detail of Beetle
Parakeet in Claret

In addition to these wonderful works of art for your wall, Mitchell also creates the most EXQUISITE letterpress stationary. All of the motifs are available and the above image shows how the backside of the paper matches the ink of the letterpress image.

The images can also be used on his tabletop line. Be sure to check out his website to see the various shapes, sizes and placement. The possibilities are infinite with his creative mind and the tools of his trade.

February’s Most Wanted
W Magazine

Congratulations Mitchell on some very well-deserved press!


Gilt and White Lilly of the Valley
Orange Linen on Gilt Stand
My childhood was filled with flower gardens displayed against houses, fences, bird baths, or took up the extra garden row. There was not a lot of planning to it, but an ordered chaos sort of beauty, a design aesthetic I still appreciate. I am inspired by and interested in passionate people, other artists and creators. -Tommy Mitchell

A definite highlight from High Point was seeing the work of North Carolina-based artist Tommy Mitchell.  I had read about him on several design blogs, but as with most works of art, seeing the real thing cannot be beat. Tommy works with metal and tole to create extraordinary replicas of flora, fauna and natural objects.

The versatility of what Tommy can create is amazing. The works can stand along as miniature sculptures as seen above, or can transform a wall into a contemporary art installation. The three dimensional aspect of his work is brilliantly displayed in these acrylic shadow boxes.

Painted Tole Flowers
Ecru Linen Ground encased in Acrylic
Side detail
Orchid Detail
Lilly Detail

By changing the palette to gilt and white, the flowers take on a completely different feel.  The silhouettes of each petal and the negative space become more in focus.

Gilt and White Flowers
Ecru Linen Ground

Then by changing the background linen color, Tommy’s work metamorphoses into a completely different look.

Gilt and White Flowers
Lavender Linen Ground
Linen Samples

At this market, Tommy introduced lighting and furniture into his collection. For the hanging lights, each sculpture is encased in acrylic and then set into a metal frame.  The works look completely different based on the metal finish and the scale of the sculptures.

18” Gilded Medallion in Acrylic
White Painted Petals in Acrylic
Gilded Butterfly Cocktail Table
Ecru Linen Background on Gilt Frame
Gilded Butterfly Side Table
on Orange Linen and Gilt Frame
via artist’s website
Gilded Ginko Table
on Metal Frame
via artist’s website
Tommy Mitchell
via artist’s website

If you are interested in any additional information on any of the works seen here, please do not hesitate to contact us at the design studio.