For those of you who requested to see more of Charlotte Park’s work, I have additional images to share!  Charlotte Park was a wonderful female Abstract Expressionist who was featured on my last blog.  To read more about her, check the last post.  All images are courtesy of Spanierman Modern.
“Untitled” circa 1950s
Collage on paper 22 1/2 by 28 1/2”
“Untitled” (Blue, Yellow and Green) circa 1955
Gouache on Paper,  17 3/4 by 23”
“Untitled” circa 1963
Oil on canvas 50 by 50”
“Untitled” (Red, Orange and White) circa 1955
Goache on paper 18 by 24”
“Tara” circa 1960
Oil on canvas 34 by 34”
“Blue Warning” circa 1953
Oil on canvas 32 3/4 by 34 3/4”


“Jubilee” circa 1950s
Oil on canvas 68 by 58”

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