It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Bergdorf’s Holiday windows were revealed last night to delight and inspire all of Manhattan.  This year’s theme, “Holidays on Ice,” features not only Christmas windows, but several holidays envisioned in snow and ice with a focus on fashion.  From Valentine’s Day to the 4th of July, the creative team has been furiously working to create a wonderland  for every holiday displayed which will be uniquely displayed in a separate window.

To achieve these miraculous feats, David Hoey, Senior Director of Presentation, and Shane Ruth, Visual Manager, hired artisans to work in poly-resin to create the winter wonderland for each window. Their goal is to create a visual masterpiece that is interesting from every vantage point…viewing from across 5th Avenue, passing by in a cab, or walking by as a pedestrian. Here are a few more fun facts from the BG blog…

2,521 — Times #BGWindows has been used on Instagram
365  — Days spent preparing, brainstorming and creating the Holiday Windows, at least
34 — Windows total, including Fifth Avenue (10), 58th Street (4), 57th Street (9), Men’s Fifth Avenue (4) and Men’s 58th Street (7)
15 — Days spent installing the mannequins, props and pieces into the actual Fifth Avenue windows
— Feet is the tallest mannequin featured in window
— Holidays are re-imagined covered in ice: 4th of July, Arbor Day, April Fools, Valentine’s Day and Halloween
3 — Boroughs in which artisans hand-create the holiday windows props (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens)
1 — 3D Printer featured
— Custom Naeem Khan gown created for the 2013 Holidays on Ice Fifth Avenue Windows

via Marie Claire

Before the windows were unveiled, a dance troupe scaled down the facade of the building sprinkling snow on the spectators.

Valentine’s Day Window
via The Examiner
Valentine’s Day Detail
via Citizens of Fashion
April Fool’s Day Window
via Design Life Network
Fourth of  July Window
via Marie Claire
Fourth of July Detail
via Citizens of Fashion
Arbor Day Window
via Design Life Network
Arbor Day Detail
via Citizens of Fashion
Halloween Window
via The Examiner
Halloween Detail
via Citizens of Fashion

Be sure to watch Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs for a highly entertaining account of what goes into making the windows year after year.


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  1. LOVE! I so wish I was in NYC on a fun design jaunt! I loved the movie too.

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